trail bike

  1. C

    For Sale 2012 Santa Cruz Heckler 26"

    2012 Santa Cruz Heckler in silver with black rear triangle. Size Large. This bike is set up for all-mountain/ freeride. Parts rundown: Fork: 2012 Fox Van RC - I have both the green and red springs for the fork, this thing is butter. Rear Shock: 2009 Marzocchi Roco Coil - 500lb spring included...
  2. sunny

    my new Spot Brand Longboard 29-er

    There are few things as exciting as building up a new bike, especially one that you've been waiting and waiting to build. The journey to my first ride on my own Spot Brand Longboard 29-er begins about eight months before, when I first rode the Longboard belt-drive bike at the Interbike dirt demo...