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  1. dexter

    For Sale Race Face SixC cranks 175

    Race Face SIXC Carbon Cranks for AM/Enduro/DH. Condition is Used, but in great shape and worry free- verified by local bike shop. The drive side arm was replaced under warranty a few months back, shop employee misthreaded the pedal and race face replaced the crank arm. Shipped with USPS...
  2. dexter

    For Sale Enve m60, dt swiss 240 27.5 bladed spokes non boost

    Enve M60/40 DT Swiss 240 27.5 Carbon Tubeless Mountain Wheels. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. nve m60 40 rims w/ sapim bladed spokes and dt240 hubs w/ and xd driver- these would cost you over $2,500 new These are both non boost! Rear hub is 142x12 and front is 15mm. Does...
  3. Carraig042

    Sold 2014 Devinci Troy 27.5 160/145mm

    I have a 2014 Devinci Troy Carbon 27.5 in Medium up for sale (160mm front 145mm rear). The front triangle was replaced about a year and a half ago under warranty. I have clear protection on many parts of the frame to keep it in good condition. The only thing stock on this bike is the frame and...
  4. B

    For Sale 2011 Specialized Enduro - 26"

    **The pics I have are too large to attach to this post. Send me a message with your email and I'll send you all the pics you want** I love this bike, it's treated me very well and I've taken great care of it in return. But I got a deal on a new stumpy that I couldn't turn down and now I need...
  5. P

    For Sale Trek Remedy 9 29er, 17.5", w/ new parts & upgrades

    This is a 2014 Trek Remedy 9 29er, size 17.5" (please see geometry below). The bike was not ridden for the first year due to surgery and has been ridden as an XC bike ever since (coastal Maine is pretty flat). It has been meticulously maintained and recently had the Fox 34 Factory fork...
  6. C

    For Sale trek fuel ex 5 29er

    trek fuel ex 5 size med 17.5 feels like a large to me probably cause its a 29er mint condition, rode twice on street, no time to ride with my work schedule, retails @ $2200 asking $1800 comes with extra mtb tires an matching volt green water bottle holder.
  7. F

    For Sale 2014 Santa Cruz 5010c - XL

    2014 Santa Cruz 5010c - XL Minor scratches Fresh bearings all around Fox CTD Kashima I'm 6'2" and ran a 50mm stem. Perfect fit $1700 shipped OBO Paypal - U.S. buyers only
  8. esmith223

    For Sale 2015 Cannondale Jekyll Carbon Team, Large - XX1, Lefty Max Carbon, Guide RSC

    For sale is a 2015 Cannondale Jekyll Team - Cannondale's top shelf enduro race bike. The bike is in great shape and has always been well-maintained. Raced once, but otherwise used for general trail riding so it has not been abused. There are two cosmetic scratches on the down tube, some...
  9. S

    Will a new 150mm Pike mess up the Geo on my GT Distortion?

    I have a short travel GT Distortion. I use it as my trail bike because I love its short travel/sharp handling and how playful it is. Ive been wanting a new bike until the new Cane Creek inline came out in the right size and gave me a new tunable option for the rear. Annnnd im wondering what...
  10. P

    Untitled Trails BMX Picture Updates

    I've been working on this spot for almost 2 months now. Just by myself for now. These photos will show the progress that happened from the beginning up to now. Here was after the first day of clearing: Looking down the run in slope. Starting first roller/pump into the first pit and...
  11. W

    Pump Track Politics

    I am currently living in Winston-Salem, NC and am interested in building a pump track at one of the local parks because there isn't a public pump track in the Winston area. That said, I contacted the local trail boss/guy who runs parks and rec for the city. To my surprise he said, "I have...
  12. zfraysier

    New Georgia Freeride Course at Blankets Creek

    Here's a video from yesterday's visit: We take what we can get in the suburbs of ATL. Watch my kayaking videos. Creekboating is kinda like DH or Freeride, but more full-on. Zach
  13. N

    Rogue trail builders clear mile-long off-road bike path in Portland

    This is ridiculous, we clear huge land masses for roads etc, but if someone build's a 12" bike path, they have destroyed the forest. At least the people who built the trail were enjoying the forest. I am almost speechless. Link
  14. huckerAJ

    Pumptrack/Bobsled party Sunday the 25th

    GoHuckYourself is throwing a little end of year jam/race/BBQ at the local trails in Renton just above the shop. Check out the post at our site or stop by the shop and we will give you the low down.
  15. O

    Th effects of fork offset and trail on handling.

    Do you notice a difference when riding forks that have different offsets? Longer trail gives you a more stable bike at speeds, but also a sluggish steerer. A short trail gives you that quick handling feel but the bike might be a bit twitchier at speeds. Just like a slight variation in head...
  16. Dhracer3

    New 2009 Shova Trail bike... BLUE!

    Just built this up here for some pictures and a show and the bike turned out so nice! The camera we have just doesn't really capture the beauty of this bike. So look at it and times it by 10WF (Wow Factor)... gives you an idea.. The new bike has the Zero stack headset from Cane Creek on it and...
  17. Dhracer3

    2009 Shova Blue Bike....!

    Just built this up here for some pictures and a show and the bike turned out so nice! The camera we have just doesn't really capture the beauty of this bike. So look at it and times it by 10WF (Wow Factor)... gives you an idea.. The new bike has the Zero stack headset from Cane Creek on it and...
  18. EGGS

    12x135mm frames???

    who makes them ? looking for a light weight pedal friendly 12x135 frame. ive seen a few .. maybe some input on these or others that are out there ive seen so far cannondale moto - dont like carbon but i know they make a aluminum commencial meta 6 - never heard anything new kona coilair...