1. Amateur Mitch

    Spokane Trail Conditions

    Does anyone know of a place near Spokane right now that has thawed out yet? Im looking for some cross country trails, I went by beacon yesterday, the top looks dry but in the trees at the bottom its all thick snow.
  2. A

    New dirt jumps Cleveland West side

    Looking for some people to help build trails/ride with. already have some started
  3. C

    Mountain Bike Guide Needed, Maine, Starting April/May 2016

    Ride For A Season In Mt Biking History: As Lead MTB Guide & Assistant manager with Back Country Excursions, LLC. Since 1991 we could be the oldest commercial singletrack riding center in USA. We’re looking for a male or female with excellent riding and people skills. A self motivated, outgoing...
  4. jrbrown09

    Mid West Paradigm Shift

    I for the most part, like my Mid-west-ness. Over 49 years on planet earth, I've inhabited Michigan, Wisconsin, and Indiana. Mountain biking since 2004, I've ridden some pretty neat trails. Also, some pretty pathetic sand traps. I've even ventured out west to Bend, Oregon, for some giggles...
  5. D

    For Sale Eastern Black Betty Custom DJ Build

    I built this bike up specifically for park/dirt. I'm looking for something that can take some bigger hits and is designed for trails/dirt jumps. Slopestyle preferred. This bike has been great to me. It's solid, the geometry is PERFECT! Slammed chainstays, steep angle in the head tube. I just...
  6. P

    Untitled Trails BMX Picture Updates

    I've been working on this spot for almost 2 months now. Just by myself for now. These photos will show the progress that happened from the beginning up to now. Here was after the first day of clearing: Looking down the run in slope. Starting first roller/pump into the first pit and...
  7. P

    Locking up shovels/tools at your trails?

    Hey guys I'm wondering how you go about locking up your shovels so they don't get stolen from your trails? Can anyone share some wisdom? My long handle shovel doesn't have a handle loop to go through with a cable/chain. I've got some metal cables with a padlock.
  8. F

    Visiting California

    Hi, I will be visiting California in April, might as well check if there is any possibility to ride some dh trails. Coming from Sweden I dont know any places to ride in California so I would appreciate some help finding dh spots/bike parks open for rental and lift accessible trials in...
  9. C

    Hiring Mountain Bike Guide: Interviewing Now! Back Country Excursions, Maine

    MALE OR FEMALE needed This is a live-in position with food and private room included. We are a wide ranging small family of choice operation. We are low on commercialism and high on personal service and aim to please. This is a Salaried position! Paid summer MTB vacation? Begins May 1-20...
  10. ImILL

    How to get a town/city to sanction a dirt jump trail or park?

    How do I go about doing this? Theres a MTB XC trail in my town and I want to build a pump track or DJ set without getting in trouble. Kind of like the jumps at 9th street in Austin,TX or like Cunningham park in Queens, Ny
  11. dirtyjungle

    Looking for some with a big 4wd to scout ORV tarils for DH trail in Uwharrie

    I am looking for someone or some people with 4wd trucks to go scout out the ORV trails in the Uhwarries for some DH tracks. I have been looking at all the pic's that I can find I think there might be some useable trails out there. Some of the hill climbs spots look like they would work. I...
  12. H

    new trail rider in houston

    names shawn in houston texas and new to the sport of trail riding , i rode bmx and motocross as a teen and quickly outgrew the 20 inch bmx after a few years of it , so here i am 10 years later with the urge to get back on a bike and bust my shins some more with peddles , just bought this...
  13. MetalMayhem

    Marin Area places to ride & rent a bike?

    I'll be visiting relatives in Marin (kinda close to san Jose/ san Francisco area I think) and really want to get a lot of riding in while I'm there because I've heard there's a lot out there (??) But I won't be able to bring a bike with me, so I will need to rent one. I ride downhill, slalom...
  14. etabs

    Downhill in Neuchatel?

    Hey guys, next year i will be going to school in Neuchatel, Switzerland. My question is about downhill riding in Neuchatel. I was wondering if anyone was familiar with whether or not there are some downhill trails there, cause obviously i am bringing i bike with me, but i am wondering if it is...
  15. treesquirrel

    Bryson City Trails

    Hi everyone. New to the forum as of yesterday. My boyfriend and I have a cabin rented in the NC mountains outside Bryson City for 2 weeks in August. Can anyone recommended some great trail riding? already have some packing along the Appalachian trail planned. I am recovering from a really bad...
  16. M

    Favourite riding destination?..this is mine!!

    Hey i'm kinda new..but i wanted to contribute a thread/discussion :) Me and some mates went riding in bolivia about 18 months ago and it was SICK. seriously. The sky is huge there and the views go on for ever.(maybe the tourist board should hire me! haha..) There was a embedded video in an...
  17. HA$KE

    DH trails in Shippensburg PA?

    New to the area and just started school here. Since the weather finally broke I'm just wondering if there is anyone in the area that knows of any trails or is interested in making some? Email is dhas19@comcast.net
  18. ncfreerider5001

    MTB in Pisgah in Winter?

    So, we can all agree that the DH trails in Pisgah are amazing. Yet, during the fall and spring I'm busy with school, sports etc. So does anyone know what trails are rideable during the winter months? Particularly around late december? I heard that the shuttle roads close when it...
  19. T

    New Rider South Bay

    Trying to get into Mountain bike riding and get back into shape. Looking for some people to go riding with or some people who might know where to ride. working in Los Gatos and living in Morgan Hill. Just found out about the SV Bike Club and checked out their race today. I'm considering...
  20. dump

    Wildcat Canyon & Tilden Park, Berkeley, Ca (pics)

    Last week, my lady said, "you never ride the Evil anymore..." That struck me a bit and encouraged me to get back out there. Over the last 2 years, I've had a knee injury that's prevented me from doing any serious riding. The single-speed setup and hills wasn't a great mix for my recovering knee...