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    New Rider South Bay

    Trying to get into Mountain bike riding and get back into shape. Looking for some people to go riding with or some people who might know where to ride. working in Los Gatos and living in Morgan Hill. Just found out about the SV Bike Club and checked out their race today. I'm considering...
  2. dump

    Wildcat Canyon & Tilden Park, Berkeley, Ca (pics)

    Last week, my lady said, "you never ride the Evil anymore..." That struck me a bit and encouraged me to get back out there. Over the last 2 years, I've had a knee injury that's prevented me from doing any serious riding. The single-speed setup and hills wasn't a great mix for my recovering knee...
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    Mountain bike trails near Fort Campbell, KY

    I am looking for beta on cross-country mountain bike trails in the area around Fort Campbell, KY. I'll be relocating to Fort Campbell for work in mid-August and staying for about a year so I'd be interested in after-work trails as well as weekend epic type trails. Thanks in advance.