1. MTBXRacing

    HR Monitors for Training?

    Hi all, Is anyone using heart rate monitors for their training or GPS watches? I'd like to hear from riders that are using them in their training or riding. Any pro's or con's to them?
  2. splat

    WWRMD -- question about Professional Training ( CCNA )

    So this week I'm taking a 5 Day Professional course , Cisco ICDN1 ( the first half of the CCNA ) . well I get to my class on the first day , and they are short one set of Books ( Text , Lab,s CD,s Notes , etc ) . they tell me they will have one Fed-exd , for Tuesday. I'm OK , First day was some...

    Riding Tunes? Whats your jam

    Everyone has that certain song, or style of music thats just perfect for riding. Of course, some choose to just suffer in silence, but that perfect song has the power to just lift your spirit during a race, to motivate your dead legs and tired mind to just push it that much harder, or to make...