1. U

    For Sale 2011 Banshee Legend MK2

    Frame: 2012 Banshee Legend MKII Fork: Manitou Dorado Pro Shock: Manitou Revox Pro w/ 300lb spring Rear Derailleur/Shifter: Shimano Saint Brakes: Hayes Stroker Ace Wheelset: Easton Havoc DH Handlebars: Answer ProTaper 760mm I am located in North Fontana, CA and work in Pasadena, CA so we can...
  2. manhattanprjkt83

    My TR250

    I have been waiting for this frame for a while, and it is basically stunning in person. I have been riding almost exclusively transition bikes since 05' when I bought one of the first bottlerockets and this is an ace... I wanted to build a bike that wasn't super blingy and touchy, just solid...
  3. cjcrashesalot

    My new TR450: 44lbs of radness

    Built up the new rig the other day, I think it came together well. Weight is a touch over 44lbs, and I couldn't care less::weee: Ride report- will have to wait until my knee surgery recovery is complete. But this thing shreds the parking lot test:rolleyes::D In all seriousness, the...
  4. S

    Pisgah and Beer!

    Just a heads up... Next time you are in Brevard for a Ride, stop in at The Hub for Beer. We have 4 beers on Draft, PBR in cans, (Liquor and a Rita machine on the way.) Also, we are now located on the corner, just 4 doors down. More updates to come...
  5. H

    noob question: dirtbag or session 77?

    hey I might be doing a budget freeride build this summer and I need to know which of these frames is better. I can get a 07 dirtbag with a fork and some other parts for $600 or an 08 session 77 for $350 ....I cant decide. there is probably an obvious answer but i am not a seasoned...
  6. chance199

    Getting into DH?

    so im going to start saving and probably build a Transition Blindside. or maybe a TR450 when it comes out. anyways, whats a good way to get into DH racing? good ways to practice, ETC. just tell me what you think.
  7. P

    Bottom Bracket issues/ E-type derailleur on Transition Covert?

    Transition Covert 68x113 or 68x118 E specs I was using a Truvativ 68/73x118mm ISIS bb in a 1X9 configuration while waiting for a King Earl XC 44/32/22 crankset. Had a Hone E-type fd to use with KE cranks. Got KE and tried it on without Hone to verify chainline to find that the KE caught...
  8. T

    My rides, part of the Transition Family

    ok, so i decided to post pictures of my bikes, let me know what you think, and lets see what you other Transition owners have. i have had a Dirtbag since they first came out and i love the bike. this is my current Dirtbag and i must say it is really nice the best set up i have had for the...