1. E

    History rooted in trials....EWR

    Eastern Woods Research is back. Jay DeJesus relaunched the brand. EWR Bikes. Just putting an FYI out there for all of you that remember Jay and EWR's stock and mod frames of days past. (I'm still riding my Original Woods Bike frame as my main bike. Vintage 1997 and it's set up as a 1 X 9...
  2. E

    Death Trilogy Trials Videos?

    Anyone remember them? Anyone have a copy (copies)? Would love to see them again! The whole Eastern Woods Research resurge got me thinking about these early vids. (Some of the riders on EWR's in the vids.) A lot of it shot right around my home area. (St. Peter's Village...St Pete!) Some of...
  3. E

    Threshold Designs trials parts?

    Just wondered how many of you may have a part or two from Threshold? They're local to me here in PA. My bike isn't trials specific but it is an EWR Original Woods Bike frame (old one, not the new ones currently being made and soon to be released) and is built up burly for log/rock grinding...
  4. unskilled

    so.. Trials

    I am primarily a street/downhill/freeride type. I watch videos and see that most people have the moves because they started in trials. I currently have a specialized p2 cromo singlespeed 07 and I'm wondering how i could either make it more trials esque or what is a good trials set up for a beginner?
  5. Li'l Dave

    What size Czar?

    I'm going to buy a trials bike, a new Czar I think, and I can't figure out what size to get. The short frame is a 1075 wheelbase, and the long is a 1095. I'm about 5'9", but I don't know which one would work best for me. Both sizes feel weird, so I can't tell which one feels best... what...
  6. r464

    Trials unicycle

    Let the fun begin...
  7. r464

    New Czar frame

    Is anyone else interested in the new Czar "Freetrials" frame? Nice to see a new option with a real seat tube for an all-around bike... and dual disc or 4-bolt options, too. Tarty Bikes preview link
  8. F

    Trial newbie.

    wanna start trials riding but not sure wht bike i can get. i am 5"10 , 9 stone, any1 got a suggestions. i would prefer the bike to be 26" but dont realy mind. my prise ranger would be up too £500. thx
  9. r464

    Just my bikes...

    Not much action here in the trials area, so I'll just post up some photos of my current rides...
  10. unskilled

    trials bikes

    what are some companies that make trials bikes. i am looking at getting one so i can start learning come spring time. all i know is planet x and norco evolve. 26 inchwheel bikes.
  11. R

    PX Zebdi for DJ???

    Have a planet x zebdi built up for trials, but was wondering if anyone out there has used it for street or DJ. Has a steep HA with a rigid fork, so I'm not sure how it would be.
  12. D

    Mike Steidley Trials Segment

    from the bonus features of The Big Deal. if you're not into trials you might find this boring.
  13. mindlessfr

    trials newb needs advice

    So i went to a competition today just to watch and really want to get into it but im not sure what bike i should get and any advice would be great. Im looking to get something for around $500 or less
  14. Trigger

    New video from TRA/Norway

    Thomas shows the world why he is one to look out for. The Koxx sponsored rider gives us a 12 minute long session of trial..... Sit back and enjoy: http://videos.observedtrials.net/Gravity.wmv
  15. metalhead119042

    Learning trials on a Hardrock?

    I'm almost finished building my old Specialized Hardrock frame up and i'll be using it for urban and local stuff that doesn't require a 40 lb freeride bike. I was thinking about trying to learn trials on it and wanted to know if that'll be harder because of 26" tires and a 16" frame. If it helps...
  16. A

    rear wheel hopping with hayes disc brakes?

    I've heard that rear wheel hopping on a bike with disc brakes will cause the rotors to snap. Any truth in this?
  17. S

    magura hs-33: bolts & hosing

    I need some new hydrolic hosing for my magura hs-33's. first of all, i'm curious: is it cross compatible with other types of hydrolic hosing, or at least other magura hosing? Also, I can't find my dog-bone bolt for the quick release lever for the (magura hs-33) caliper on front. Anyone have...
  18. justfuzzit

    bike shops with trials bikes near cupertino,san jose

    anone know of any bike shops that sell trials bikes near cupertino,san jose area? or what about in Tahoe?
  19. Sir_Crackien

    post your bike!! you dang trials monkeys

    lets see what the trials monkeys ride! i will like link here shortly
  20. B

    Beginner Trials Frame

    Any suggestions on trials frames? I'm currently riding an Azonic Steelhead with downhill parts (~40 lbs) and am finding it hard to learn trials moves. Would still like to have a seat and be able to pedal around downtown. Also, would like to run it as a singlespeed.