1. Downhiller

    prototype koxx...

    i hear that is prototype...
  2. livetheride514


    what wheels do you trial guys use that hold up to some crazy looking abuse, but are light enough for your purposes?
  3. K

    Anyone running fixed rear/freewheel front?

    Wondering if anyone has this setup, or can provide input on the pro's or cons. I dont see much difference between this and a freewheel on the back/chainring on front. Also wondering if running a trials ss is a good idea.
  4. spam16v

    crank/chain(wheel/ring) options

    well reseaching Trials stuff for aquring an Identiti Judge i think. well its a "Euro" BB and he has a set of FSA vdrive ISIS arms to throw in the deal ($35 price point) and a 22t ring. but no BB, no big deal but should i get a BB and when what bash? or should i get a cheap 3pc crank set and euro...
  5. N

    just getting into trials... need some help

    i currently have an 05 p2 which i use for dirt jumping and trail riding. but lately ive been trying some trials moves. Ive trying to perfect the j-hop (or american bunny hop) and over the past few weeks i have gotten to the point where it is starting to be smooth and i can do it consistantly...
  6. pangeist

    IBIS Trials Comp 88/87...a plead for parts

    I am building up this dinosaur and was wondering if anyone has parts lying around for cheap/free. I am more than happy to pay shipping to help some of you guys clean up your clutter. I am looking for a fork and some brakes, and a headset, bars.........who knows what else. Any donations humbly...
  7. Heath Sherratt

    I like Ryan leech's manifesto

    No more setup hops. Very fluid style. You can always tell when someone is on point. In the collective vid he is definetly -onpoint. AMAZING.
  8. Mtbike

    Rear Disc vs. Rear Hydro Rim

    Is it easier to do rear wheel moves with disc or Hydro rim? Any help wouldbe appreiciated. :D
  9. M

    Frames and suggestions

    A few years ago I bought my first mountain bike. I have been putting better parts on it, and now I'm in the position where I really want to start trials. I have been practicing and have almost been ridng trials for a year. I can balance on my back wheel, I can pedal Kick, and stuff. I went to...
  10. Dirt rider

    rear discs and trials?

    OK so I went riding with a friend of mine who is very serouis about trials matter of fact thats pretty much all he rides. anyhow he told me its not a good idea to do trials on a bike with a rear disc as they can rip off, and the frame I have has no v- brake posts ( 15'' 04 kona stuff with...
  11. iridebikes

    Drilled DX32?

    Hey, i'm getting a DeSalvo trials frame pretty soon hopefully, and i am also building up a new wheelset. I was just wondering if anyone has ever drilled 1" holes in their DX 32s. I am only 140lbs, and i was wondering if it was posible, and how well they would hold up. right now i have a dx...
  12. J

    Trials Frame Help

    Hey everybody. Im thinking about building up an urban/trials bike in the future, and I wanted to go with an Azonic Steelhead frame, with a planet X rigid fork. I also may be looking into getting a longer stem...but not sure. Are there any complications I should know about for using that frame...
  13. bwagner

    Brisa B26D??

    Does anyone have the specs for the 2004 Brisa B26D frame? I'm looking for the chainstay length....the wheelbase......the bottom bracket height....and the top tube length and angles(HT..ST..) Thanks in advance for any assistance
  14. unusualpunk

    strongest v-brake rim

    what is the strongest V-brake rim?
  15. C

    Gloves to use for trials

    This might seem like a trivial question, but its important nonetheless. What gloves to you use for trials? Im fairly new to the sport (stringing 4 or five lurches together, pivots, small sidehops....etc.), and the gloves im using just arent holding up well at all; well more to the point...
  16. Morryjg

    ...was trials bike now Trials Hubs

    In the trials bike thread we started talking hubs. I started looking for Hadley hubs since they have lots of engagement points and such. I can't find Hadley's web site if there is such a thing to find out info. Does Hadley make a non-disc hub? That's one of the things that is a pain about...
  17. D

    Trials bikes...

    Hi, I don't post here much, I'm on the DH forum more. Anyway, I've started to dabble into the trials scene. I am starting to look for a trials bike, I've been doing it on a Enduro right now, but I'm affraid I'll destroy the back end, I've done it once it already. What would you guys...
  18. landcruiser

    How to build a stock trials bike

    I've noticed a lot of people asking questions about how to set up their bikes or what new products to get. With 6 years of riding behind me, I've tried a lot of different products and set-ups. Here's a quick guide for all you guys unsure of where to go: *NOTE* Unless otherwise stated, I am...
  19. Bonk

    * Trials Buy/Sell *

    Post your trials related items for sale in this thread. Please only post your items once and remove them once they are sold. The Rules: 1. This will be the only place that trials related sale threads will be allowed in this forum. All others will be removed immediately. 2. To make...