1. Str8Dwn

    Should big bike brands adopt less frequent updates to their bikes?

    Not sure why this just occurred to me, but I question the business sense of releasing slightly updated bikes each year at Interbike. Often the 'new' model is simply a different paint scheme and slightly revised parts mix. Where's the innovation? Brands like SC, Intense, Yeti and other smaller...
  2. M

    New fork

    Hey in riding a 2009 Specialized Big hit two but i do a lot of downhill riding an i wanna upgrade to a dual crown fork to help out on those gnar trails. If you have any forks that you use an like or now about id appreciate ur thoughts on Forks ?:weee: thanks
  3. Corksil

    Really simple suspension question... damping vs travel

    Hey I have a shimano 2002 enduro bike with a Fox shock on the back. It has two adjustments on it, which I'm trying to make sense of. One is a travel adjustment, long or short travel. The other is a rebound adjustment, fast or slow rebound. It seems pretty simple, but I'm wondering what...
  4. OrthoPT

    Obama and "Unity"

    Let's not forget 20th century history. "Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer." Does that ring a bell? Here's a google link in case it doesn't http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=%22ein+reich%2C+ein+volk%2C+ein+fuhrer%22&btnG=Google+Search Discuss.