troy lee designs

  1. downhill mike

    Registration Open for 2016 Mob n Mojave

    Round 1 of 3 is in the books for the 2016 DVO Winter Gravity Series and event staff and sponsors have been busy gearing up for the 2016 DVO Mob n Mojave. The Mob was one of the original gnarly gravity events created by All Mountain Cyclery, home of Bootleg Canyon. The 2016 Mob will take place on...
  2. A

    Ultimate Knee Pad Thread

    After over 7 years of dedicated and constant service my 661 Kyle Straits have finally died. I am in the market for replacement knee pads for DH and have really straight forward criteria: I don't care about shin protection (yes, rock deflections, pedal strikes etc), I DO care about the pads...
  3. S

    whats coming up from TLD Thread

    Ok ,this may die quickly by the flame but I thought Id give it a go. We have Stikman who actually chimes in on the odd occasion ,so I thought Id put up a thread about new gear coming through the TLD brand. Im a huge fan of TLD helmets (painted for athletes) and have been since I was just...
  4. MTBXRacing

    Protective Shorts, anyone wearing?

    I've been looking at the new Troy Lee Designs TLD SD 7605 Base Protective Shorts. Has anyone tried these or do you wear protective shorts at all? Looking for feedback/opinions. Thanks Well I ordered a pair and will update with review.
  5. Iridemtb

    A bit of help please~knee/shin guards.

    Ok so I am in the market for a new pressure suit. I currently have one of these:http://www.crfsonly.com/catalog/images/661-06-pressure.jpg But I want something a little bit more flexible and or breathable. I was looking at...
  6. Iridemtb

    A bit of help here?~Pressure suit/knee guards.

    Ok, so I have a pressure suit, but I am in the market for something a little more flexible if possible. Here is what I currently have: http://www.pricepoint.com/images/styleimages/D_535%20SSOPS7.jpg I am looking at this...