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  1. $tinkle

    Sticky clutch on SRAM X0/X9 rear derailleur

    the only quasi-informative info i've found is http://bicyclingaustralia.com.au/2013/08/sram-type-2-overhaul?page=2 but since this isn't even 2yrs old, can i expect to need to rebuild/relube this every ~20 mos? is there any other preventative maint i can do, or a heavier/thicker lube that's...
  2. bizutch

    I am mechanically inept - need DirtyMike next door

    Tried to replace a very simple part in my wife's car tonight, the front passenger side motor mount of a 2004 Nissan Altima. Got everything except the last dead center bolt all done and gone. Managed to cross thread and sheer the head off the bolt. In the pic, you see a bolt, a center sheered...
  3. H

    Would this break the headtube?

    the frame passed cen rating for stiffness
  4. B

    Made an impulse car purchase tonight.

    Might be one of my better ones. 1985 Nissan 720 4WD pickup. $400 can't really be wrong. Needs a few items, but nothing awful, plus it's a breeze to work on compared to the Porsche 944 I've been wrenching on for awhile. Anyone here have experience? Need to fix a couple more pressing...
  5. def

    engine question for those that know

    Haven't posted here in years, but I'm looking for some help as I'm mildly retarded. I've developed engine hesitation recently and I'm looking for a little help to see if I can handle this before I run it to a shop. 2001 Tacoma 4wd 3.4L Auto trans 190k on the clock I've developed low...
  6. MMike

    just great

    I'm being imposed upon. So the son of a customer....or potential customer in France is an engineering student. And he needs to do a 3 month stage......sorry "internship" for you american types. So all of a sudden he's my problem. We've just hired 3 new permanent employees, so I've got my...
  7. boogenman

    car broke, at home today

    My starter broke and I am stuck at home. 142k before the turd finally $hit the bed. waiting now.....
  8. loco-gringo

    Car problem..O2 sensor and bad mileage

    Here's the gig...02 Xterra with 115000 miles. Check engine had me replace knock sensors and O2 sensor about 400 miles ago. Had valve covers and a water leak fixed at this time. Since getting it, about 120 miles in P1163 code pops again. Put another O2 sensor in and about 300 miles, we got it...
  9. dexterq20

    car guys - what's going on with my Mazda?

    I'll preface this post by saying I have no clue what I'm doing when it comes to working on my car. I can do basic stuff like change headlight bulbs, replace the battery, install wiper blades, and change a flat, but that's about it. Got my oil changed about two weeks ago and the mechanic told...
  10. MMike

    Damn you Jeep....damn you to HELLLLL!!!

    Jeep just got picked up by the tow truck. Again. That is all I have.
  11. Spahman

    truck won't start... need help

    I can't get my nissan 1986 d21 pick up to crank over! It just would randomly do this at first...you go to try and start it up but no go.. then come back a hour later and it would fire right up, but now it won't crank at all.. been stuck at my work for a few days now. All the relays click and...