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  1. B

    Car people: Welding a downpipe?

    I punched a hole in my downpipe before the cat when I made a boneheaded wrong turn on a dirt road. Is it possible to get it welded and patched by an exhaust shop, or will I need to pick up a new one?
  2. loco-gringo

    Car problem..O2 sensor and bad mileage

    Here's the gig...02 Xterra with 115000 miles. Check engine had me replace knock sensors and O2 sensor about 400 miles ago. Had valve covers and a water leak fixed at this time. Since getting it, about 120 miles in P1163 code pops again. Put another O2 sensor in and about 300 miles, we got it...
  3. MMike

    Damn you Jeep....damn you to HELLLLL!!!

    Jeep just got picked up by the tow truck. Again. That is all I have.
  4. stinkyboy

    Dead Monitor Again!

    Second ViewSonic died in the past two years. No more from them... Rolled into Best Buy and rolled out with a Hannspree HF237 23" widescreen monitor for $200 out the door. Looks nice and smells good. We'll see how long it lasts. Http://www.hannspree.com/US/product_detail.aspx?id=25977&c=25963
  5. Spahman

    truck won't start... need help

    I can't get my nissan 1986 d21 pick up to crank over! It just would randomly do this at first...you go to try and start it up but no go.. then come back a hour later and it would fire right up, but now it won't crank at all.. been stuck at my work for a few days now. All the relays click and...