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  1. StiHacka

    Anyone worked on the 9Point8 / RF Turbine / Easton Havoc dropper yet?

    My 150mm Havoc has issues out of teh box but I also completely fuckered it with a drop of oil, it seems. Anyone worked on this dropper, yet? To my untrained dentist's eye it looks like its biggest design feature is its Achilles' heel as well - and the head execution on RF and Easton turns it...
  2. skibunny24

    Parent Monkey Wisdom?

    Buffalo and I are at wits end. Our six year old, Lucas, has been acting out at school, at daycare, and at home. He is using inappropriate language at meal times and in class (read, making fart noises, calling out "butthole!!" in the middle of silence, and other shenanagins that would leave...
  3. IH8Rice

    Vaio wireless issue

    so my fiance did something to her Viao laptop and can no longer connect and or find any wireless router. the switch to toggle the wifi radio on/off seems to now operate the bluetooth but still turns the wifi radio on as well, but not the software (?). the Intel PROset/Wireless icon is no longer...
  4. MikeD

    Hope adapter, anyone? Brian HCM?

    Anyone have or know where I can source a front hub QR adapter for a Hope Bulb? Hope doesn't have them listed on the website anymore but have enquired. Anyone have one laying around the garage?? MD
  5. Secret Squirrel


    Pics to come when I get home tonight...so stfu. So apparently, metal fatigues and that can result in two words I have great disdain for: catastrophic failure. I turned a corner on my way down to the multi-use path I ride into work everyday. I was out of the saddle accelerating down the...
  6. DirtyMike


    Trolling motor on the boat burnt up today........ This sucks.... Well nothing 450 cant fix
  7. Total Heckler

    Car damaged at car wash / detail shop

    I brought my car to a local detailing place to have it washed/cleaned yesterday and noticed last night after returning home that the sunroof shade/slider was off the track and a small piece of greasy plastic was wedged in between the fabric of the headliner and the shade like someone yanked it...

    New Volkswagon Jetta commercial.

    New Volkswagen Jetta commercial says the car deploys the air bags, puts on the hazard lights, and "UNLOCKS the doors in an auto accident? Does anyone think this is a bad idea? Especially in a roll over situation?
  9. Toshi

    "I drive a SUV because I feel safer in it"

    [an original post by Toshi] :weee: Introduction I've heard the above line from the title of this post from quite a few people, usually smaller women, who drive SUVs. The sense of height and mass feels safer, apparently. Are these feelings supported by the data? Looking at the Insurance...
  10. BadDNA

    My wife and I bought ourselves a project for Christmas...

    So, I've got a 1989 Jeep YJ sitting in my yard. The body has some minor rot but not terrible, frame is solid, engine runs, brakes need to be put back together (the parking brake assembly and brake booster were both removed but included). No top and no doors were included so I have it covered...
  11. FOXROX

    welding ideas?

    alright, so im running short on funds for the next season, with my bike half done (oh noes). now i have welding equipment at my disposal and plasma cutters, im certified in all position for gtaw. im looking for something small/easy to make, that i can sell to cyclists. not looking to...
  12. stoney

    How to handle a bad situation?

    So I've got an interesting one that I could use some feedback on how to handle a situation. As most of you guys know, I lost my license back in August because I had two seizures. In the interim, I needed to hire someone to drive me to work every morning, because I need to be at my office at...

    Does room on the rear SP make longer travel?

    I noticed my single pivot rear had a full half inch to drop down further when I took the shock off to run a brake line. I take it that half inch at the shock means if I got a longer shock eye to eye by a half inch, that translates to longer rear wheel travel by possibly a full inch more?
  14. eaterofdog

    Must have tools

    You ever work out of someone's tools and they are missing something you consider really basic? Multimeter - Buddy says "Don't know how to use it" while using his 12v test light. Dial calipers - A cheap fiberglass set will give you fast accurate measurements down to .5 mm. Get some.
  15. Pesqueeb

    ? for car peeps

    05 Subaru impreza Wife tried going to the market tonight, came back into the house and said her headlights do not work. Not only do they not work, but the tail lights, dash lights and running lights are also inop. High beams work as advertised. Fuse looked good, I replaced it anyway, still...
  16. stinkyboy

    My Neighbors Wife is a Prostitute

    So I run into my neighbors wife last night and somehow during the light prattle she tells me she's a prostitute. :disgust1: She then tells me that I shouldn't bring it up with hubby because he would get angry even though he's the one that got her into it after he lost his job. :twitch...