1. JustMtnB44

    Sold 2008 Turner Highline

    2008 Turner Highline, size large, USA made frame. Fox DHX 5.0 rear shock, PUSH tuned in 2011. Offset shock bushings installed last year to slacken head angle and lower bottom bracket. Marzocchi 66RC3 fork, 1.5" steerer, completely rebuilt by Marzocchi in 2011. Softer spring installed, Firmer...
  2. ocelot

    For Sale 2014 Turner DHR medium, complete bike

    2300 USD obo 2014 Turner DHR medium very well maintained and in excellent condition. Warranty is still valid until mid-July 2016. Nothing needs to be fixed, it is ready to go as is. Plenty of extras included!!! There are a few small scratches here and there, but everything is purely...
  3. A

    DHR Shock Choice

    Getting ready to order my new DW-Link DHR and am torn about what shock to get. Even though I'm a fairly light rider I still want to go with a coil. I have heard the X-Fusion feels really nice in this frame but don't have much experience with them, so it's either that, DHX or a CCDB. Anyone have...
  4. PatBranch

    Air Shocks

    I blew up my pushed DHX5 on my 08 DHR on Live Wire at Northstar yesterday and I'm heading up to BC on Thursday... Twice, I was sure I had a flat since I started getting pretty loose in every corner. I then noticed the mess and realized I was riding a pogo stick. The shock came pushed with the...
  5. Ian Collins

    G is for Gold....

    full build pics to follow this weekend...sorry for the "crappy" iphone pic for the time being
  6. Z

    Acquired a New Ride

    Off Craigslist. Picked it up last weekend. Stoked. Anderson anyone?
  7. KeyboardRider

    My Turner 5-Spot

    Hey fellas, Gave the old steed a thorough overhaul and here she is, here's the build: Turner 5-Spot Frame (Romic) Fox Vanilla RLC 125 w/ Enduro Seals Shimano XT Drivetrain Hope Mono 4's EN521's + Chris King ISO Wheelset Easton Bars (low rise_ Thomson Stem & Seatpost Michelin Comp...
  8. F

    Turner DHR VS. Ventana El Cuervo

    I am interested to find out what people think of these two bikes VS. eachother and other bikes. I am 5'6" and ride a small VP free which I find to be alittle long, which is the reason I am looking for different frame. Please Help if you can!
  9. Nagaredama

    DW Link to Turner for 09

  10. ridenorcal

    2008 dhr sizing

    I am about to order a 2008 Turner dhr but am a little unsure about the sizing. At 5'11, I am just outside of Turner's recommended height range for the size medium, however I don't feel like I should be on a large. Any dhr owners out there that are about my size? What sizes are you guys...
  11. heavy metal

    For Sale Avalanche DHS 8.5 x 2.5 Shock

    I purchased this rear shock for a project bike that I was not able to finish building. It is a lightly used Avalanche DHS shock which is currently tuned for use on a Turner Highline. E ye-to-eye and stroke length dimensions are 8.5" x 2.5". The hose length is 11 inches. A 350 lb spring is...