1. numerik

    UCI C1 downhill race on Mediterranean island? 16./17. April 2016

    If you are in search of a UCI points, warm and good weather or just need a vacation and still want to race, check out this race we are organizing on beautiful island Losšinj in Croatia. Great airport connections, beautiful scenery and great race! http://www.dhlosinj.net/
  2. E.T.

    Munich to Maribor...Help Please!

    I am looking for transportation from Munich Airport in Germany to Maribor, Slovenia for the first World Cup. I arrive in Munich Tuesday May 11th at 10 in the morning. Does anybody have any room for a bike box and myself? Any suggestions? I would pitch in on gas and cost of a vehicle...
  3. H

    Moutain Bike & Trial World Champs Broadcast

    You can watch a delayed broadcast of the UCI Mountain Bike & Trial World Championships from Canberra, Australia on Universal Sports. The broadcast starts this Friday and goes through the weekend on-line for both the men’s and women’s races. See the schedule below: Sept. 4 (Friday)...
  4. v6 4.3

    UCI World Cup Overall Points

    i didnt know Gee was at the top. check this link... http://www.uci.ch/templates/BUILTIN-NOFRAMES/Template3/layout.asp?MenuId=MTUxNjU&LangId=1
  5. Ridemonkey.com

    Live Broadcast of UCI World Cup DH 4X from Bromont

    We've got a live broadcast courtesy of freecaster hosted on RM so you can watch and chat with other users. Check it out! http://www.ridemonkey.com/index.php?page=livebroadcastDH
  6. Ridemonkey.com

    Live Broadcast of UCI World Cup XCO from Bromont.

    We've got a broadcast coming up this weekend from the world cup in Bromont. We've put the XCO in its own page so you guys can have your own chat! http://www.ridemonkey.com/index.php?page=livebroadcastXC