1. D

    Newbie downhill advice - tires and fork

    Hi everyone. I am 15 years old and I am relatively new to downhill. Last year I bought a Gary fisher all mountain bike and I snapped the frame, so I bought a 2004 Astrix Huckster but I suffered a back injury shortly after that so I sold it. I was just cleared to ride dh again so I bought a...
  2. v6 4.3

    Tubless on dirt jump/ urban bikes???

    Hey guys, I wanted to hear your thoughts on this. I have tubeless on my cross country bike and i'st the best. But on a DJ or urban bike I can imagine the tire blowing off on a gnarly wall ride or a sideways landing. Does anyone run tubeless on there Dj bike???
  3. cz.islander

    Has anyone heard of a Ellsworth Truth built up w/ freeride components?

    If so please provide links. I'm curious to know the TRUTH! lol
  4. monkeymarc

    NS SubUrban or TonicFab FallGuy?

    hello, im new on these forums and am thinking of building up a street/urban mountain bike, mostly for bmx-style freestyle kinda stunts :\ im currently stuck between the NS SubUrban and the TonicFab FallGuy, any suggestions? (oh yeah i think the FallGuy is gonna cost alot T_T) also, how much...
  5. S

    i have no words for this...