1. L


    Hey! I have UST rims and tires, but am still running tubes. I would like to convert, but how? I've heard of Stan's No Tubes Conversion Kit, but I've read that it's for people who don't have the tubeless and tires and want to go tubeless without buying the rims and tires. In my case, what do I...
  2. guiepinto

    Tubeless setup with non-UST tires?

    I'm running tubeless on 823s rims and UST tires. And it works perfectly... But I still have a few non-UST tires from my previous wheels setup. Has anyone used regular (non-UST) tires tubeless? Is it just a matter of adding Stans fluid?
  3. ivanfiestas

    Help me choosing a new UST wheelset for my 951

    Hi there, right now Im running some Outlaws in my 951. I'm looking for something that is as strong, but lighter and UST. Right now my 951 is sitting at 42 lbs. and I want to reach 40 (Ti Spring and sdg saddle will be the next things). Outlaws weight: Front: 1118 Grams Rear: 1328...
  4. sstalder5

    What does UST stand for on tires???

    First of all i'm not looking for a lesson on tubeless tires. i know how they work and i dont want to run them. but ive been looking around for a good set of dh tires (i think ive decided on maxxis minions either 2.5 or 2.7) and the little acronym ust keeps coming up. i know it means that the...