val di sole

  1. numerik

    WC #6 - Val Di Sole (ITA) 2015

    Can I do this? :) This is the track preview:
  2. isaacchdh

    DH scene in the northwest of Italy?

    I wanted to know if there exist any downhill trails, bike parks and/or mountain bike shops near the city of Cuneo or Beinette (Piemonte) in the northwest of Italy. Im moving to Beinette in September and staying there for 1 year, so i need to look for where i can have some sweet downhill riding...
  3. Transcend

    World Championships - Val di Sole

    Sunday night and its cool and cloudy with some on and off showers. Big week in Val di Sole. Stay tuned for photos, videos and more as we finally have a hotel with good internet. Thanks Holiday Inn.