1. mtncycle

    Vermont trail recommendations

    The wife and I will be staying in Middlesex, VT in mid-September. Found the Montpelier (MAMBA) site and looks like there are some trails close by. Also checked out VMBA's site and it looks like there is a bunch of riding in Stowe. Looking for trail recommendations from people familiar with the...
  2. The Outdoor Gear Exchange

    Getting Rowdy on Trail

    DH videos get all the glory these days. What can you do with a single crown fork?
  3. splat

    MONKEYFEST 2008 -- Kingdom Trails Vt

    Yes Monkey fest was a Huge amount of fun! Lots of beer, food, beer, rain, Beer and yeah there was some riding. first off , Pigboy is inspecting the cooling set up for the first 2 Kegs. Pigboy demonstartaing how to put Dry Ice , warm water in a a Plactic bottle , seal it and throw...
  4. BadDNA

    Monkeyfest minus less than a week...

    Friday, August 1st to Sunday August 3rd Kingdom Trails, East Burke, VT Renting the old Grange hall which is a few hundred yards from the trails. TreeSaw and Earl Quo Fan and BigT BadDNA douglas JBP Splat Echo BikeGeek mudgirl MMcG (?) Riding Tenchiro JRogers pigboy badcrumble syadasti deyv &...