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    Biking Video Opportunity - RIDERS NEEDED!

    Attention cycling enthusiasts, bicycle artists, BMX riders, and flatlanders…we need your help! Montreal, QC, Canada is a GREAT city for cyclists! Enthusiasts of all ages and aptitudes enjoy biking down boulevards and narrow streets, through expansive green parks, and into charming, hidden...
  2. B

    Mountain Vids

    A new site with lots of video coverage and events, check it out: www.cyclingdirt.org
  3. M

    Maribor world cup page has a new...

    blog! Yes! It is about mtb movies. We put together: - Reviews - Teasers - Music (for some movies) - And much more So check us out on: MOD EDIT: Link removed until those torrent files are gone. We do not abdicate theft of copyrighted materials on ridemonkey. - so just go to google and find...
  4. dump

    Yeti Cycles video vault, amazing

    For the past couple of years, Yeti has been regularly producing short videos that chronicle the race team, races, riders, events and the like. If you haven't checked these out yet, you're missing some good riding, great footage and awesome production! I'm blown away by the foresight by Yeti to...
  5. binary visions

    ...it's a YouTube extravaganza!

    Okay, folks, you asked for it. This is the YouTube thread. Here. Not in new threads unless it's applicable to the topic. Embedding is easy, just paste the URL into the post and our fancy new media embedder handles the rest. NOTE: NSFW rules apply, guys. If it's blatant it'll be deleted. If...