1. DH biker

    Vietnam (MA) - June 8th, 2009

    Had the day off of work, so I went to Vietnam with my buddy Eric on Monday. We ended up exploring another side of this place that we had never been to before. Here is a link to the NEMBA page: http://www.nemba.org/Articles/VietnamFAQs.html Curious as to the names of some of the drops/sections we...
  2. splat

    A sendoff ride for Mr Berkshire_rider

    Mr Berkshire_rider is tying the Knot , so we decided to have a Ride and BBQ in his Honor , it would start from my place, and lots of fun would be had . Well I had to set up teh Stunt course in my front yard first . and I went out there , and this little fella was hanging around ...
  3. splat

    Riding with my Boy after Trail work

    Well during trail work My son had to test a few things Then we went over to the quarry, he wanted to see some people jump from the high rocks but alas nothing. then he wanted to ride through Charlies Tunnel , the Tunnel the charles river goes through to get under I-495. well we...
  4. splat

    Riding over the weekend with My Boy

    This weekedn I had 2 awesome rides the first one wasaround lake Whitehall in Hopkinton, but because of a Daughter Who I should beat . I was only able to snap off 1 picture because she took a bunch of pictures of her dolls , and didn't tell me she drained the batteries.:disgust: anyway here is...