wake up

  1. TreeSaw

    Tuesday 8/3 GMT

    Morning primates! Wake the hell up people!!! Good LUNA Ride last night. Two fast loops with a fun group followed by a HopBack in the Hot tub! Heading to VT today to ride Pine Hill Park with a friend (she's going to pick-up her new-to-her car) and have lunch at Long Trail Brewing Company...
  2. I Are Baboon

    ~~ GMT Thursday, Thursday, Thursday ~~

    Good morning, ridemonkey population! As promised, I got two propane tanks filled last night. I just wanted to bring closure to that issue since I know many of you were wondering about that. This week is flying by. Funny how that works when you're busy at the office. I had a...
  3. TreeSaw

    ~~~ Happy Monday 6/22 GMT ~~~

    No GMT yet? You slackers!!! Had an amazing turnout at our MTB Skills Clinic on Saturday. Sold-out (Actually 1 over) and the rain managed to stay away until we were finished :yes: All said, we're going to have to double check the expenses but I believe we'll be making a $700+ donation to...
  4. TreeSaw

    ~~~ HAPPY EARTH DAY aka GMT 4/22/03 ~~~

    Happy Earth Day Monkeys! Last night was pretty quiet around my house. Sq-Earl bailed on his ride due to the rain that didn't end yesterday. Tonight I am supposed to co-lead a road ride with one of my team mates so hopefully I get home in time to actually work on my road bike before I go...