1. T

    Capitol Forest Classic 2014 Registration NOW OPEN!

    Registration is OPEN for the 8th Annual Capitol Forest Classic!! https://www.bikereg.com/cfc2014 Spend the weekend at the Pacific Northwest's premier mountain bike festival! Two epic race courses on Capitol Forest's signature trails, plus kid's races, non-timed guided rides, BBQ, beer...
  2. chance199

    PNW Tire reccomendations?

    I need to get some tired for my big hit 3. i CAN NOT decide what tired to get. so i decided to ask the fellow pnw ridemonkeys for ideas. All i really do is Down Hill and Free Ride. Im looking for a tire that can handle every condition we have around here. I was looking for something thats not...
  3. chance199

    Capitol Forest Trails

    What there for FR/DH trails. I heard there was trails out there, or am I mistaken?
  4. chance199

    DH racing

    I want to get into racing this year. what cups are there around Washington? Only one i can think of is Fluidride but thats not at Dry Hill anymore. Any tips?
  5. chance199

    why dont we have Colonnade Pic thread?

    just wondering
  6. chance199

    getting into DJ?

    so a local shop in my area can order in Specialized DJ Bikes http://www.specialized.com/us/en/bc/SBCBkModel.jsp?arc=2009&sid=09PBikes thats the one i was looking at. ive ridden some DJ but that was With a kona stinky. i was thinking about getting into it and i was wondering what would be...
  7. chance199

    new video

    riding in port orchard and at Colonnade. im still a beginner haha tell me what i could im prove on (: yeah the picture at the end is only there so you could hear the whole song haha
  8. L

    Anyone Selling?

    a medium sized DH bike for the season? Thanks Guys Much Love LW
  9. N

    SST Flowpark riding sesh saturday 11/22

    I'm planning on heading out to south seatac for a full day of riding this saturday. I can bring a rake and a shovel if we need to use them. Its always a blast when we get a good sized group of riders out there. Let me know if you want to. BTW, I ride a norco a-line with white 888s in case you...
  10. T

    Sweet Black Diamond (WA) Trails!

    Y'all: Hopefully I can catch the flak on this issue, because I'm intentionally putting myself in the way. If you don't ride down near Black Diamond, across from the Lake Sawyer trails, you can probably ignore this. If you DO ride there, on the other side of WA SR 169, on the Real Life...