1. W

    Need Advice on Hydration Packs

    I'm looking into getting a hydration pack. What features do you like and dislike? For example, do I need a spine protector? A removable pad? Are certain width straps too bulky or not supportive enough? Are some mouthpieces better than others? That kind of thing. Tell me any and everything you...
  2. R

    How long to wait after rain to dirt jump?

    Sup guys, Its been raining a lot these past few days and I was wondering how long I should wait till I ride them?The jumps are dirt(no sand) and the temperature is around 40-50 F in shade. I just want a general idea as I don't feel like spending a few dollars on gas and then finding out that...
  3. splat

    Riding with my Boy after Trail work

    Well during trail work My son had to test a few things Then we went over to the quarry, he wanted to see some people jump from the high rocks but alas nothing. then he wanted to ride through Charlies Tunnel , the Tunnel the charles river goes through to get under I-495. well we...