1. inkasadventures

    Exploring New Trails in the Andes of Lima

    By now I think everybody knows where is Peru and what has to offer for mountain bikers. We have appeared in several cable tv programs and written magazines showing one of the best riding in the world. Our last article was in Bike Mag July 2011, go get yours! This is the second time I ride...
  2. inkasadventures

    Riding on the Colca Canyon

    As many of you know, the Colca Canyon is considered as the second deepest canyon on earth with around 3,500m deep from top to bottom. The deepest canyon on earth is the Cotahuasi Canyon, next to the Colca Canyon with 3,600m deep. This tells clearly that Peru has one of the biggest mountains on...
  3. inkasadventures

    Riding with Matt Hunter in Peru

    Looking at my pictures I found these good ones from the time Matt Hunter came to Peru. He said he would like to ride for a week and he stayed for a month!! Check this pictures somewhere in Peru! That's me! I will post more from our rides in Cusco!