1. max.broman

    Spring Rates?

    What spring rates are best for riders of different weights? For example, a 350 spring rate would be be suited for riders of _ pounds, 400 for riders of _, and so on. If it depends on suspension design, add in for what suspension design, maybe we can add to the FAQ when it's done.
  2. noox

    Real Weight of Intense 951 Frameset

    Has anybody weighted a 951 frame (M) with Fox RC4 shock? I read that the M is 9.5 lbs/4.3 kg. At Slicklines they have weighted a 951 (L) with Cane Creek and steel spring and came up with 4908 g (10.82 pound). Where comes this big discrepancy? I cannot belive that the Cane Creek and the...
  3. guiepinto

    Ti Spokes

    Does anyone use Ti spokes on DH bikes? Are they strong enough? Where can I get them?