west virginia

  1. Tucker County

    Revenge of the Rattlesnake Race, Sept. 19

    The 27th Annual Revenge of the Rattlesnake September 19 Davis, WV One of the longest running MTB races in the region, since 1983! This race is the 4th and final race of West Virginia Mountain Bike Association's Ultra Series. The race is brought to by Blackwater Bikes, located in downtown...
  2. Tucker County

    2nd Annual Canaan MTB Festival

    The 2nd Annual Canaan MTB Festival is only a few weeks away, June 25-27. Experience the Magic of Mountain Biking in Canaan! This festival is great for everyone. If you have never been to the area before, there is no other way to experience the area then with your very own tour guides. Group...
  3. Tucker County

    Downhill at Timberline

    Downhill Season at Timberline Resort opened this weekend! The chair lift is running every Saturday and Sunday. We all know JR is always working hard to make sure the trails are in great shape....Share your stories and pictures!
  4. B

    Why Timberline, WV Rules (check pics)

    Don't normally post a whole lot on the board, but after the weekend me and my buddy had at Timberline, I want everyone to know how awesome the place is. Super cheap (think half the price of Snowshoe) but just about as good as Snowshoe. Not as many rock drops and things as Snowshoe, but a ton of...