wheel building

  1. H

    Rebuilding/overhauling an old bike

    I have a giant warp ds2 and I love it. It is in need of a crankset and front forks. I figure while I'm at it I might as well rebuild everything. i have some ideas for parts, and my budget is around 500 bucks (spread out over the summer, I'm building a truck too). The first thing I want to get is...
  2. guiepinto

    Best spokes for DH

    Hi monkeys! I'm building a new wheelset and already have Hope Pro 2 hubs and Mavic 823's rims. What is the best option (low weight, but still strong) from DT Swiss? I can't come to a conclusion because there are so many models out there...
  3. .Pit Steelers.

    Bulding wheels...is not easy

    But here it is, my first...Is it strong? No, Is i strait?...no not really...But i guess it would help if all the spokes fit and i didn't have to take spoke off of a diffrent wheel. [/IMG]