1. daniel1990

    Hi there,

    I’m a newbie here. And I hope to learn how to assemble a new bike for myself. I know that I need to buy a frame, wheels etc. which are needed in the assembling. I am trying to have all accessories on one website. So who can give me a website where I can find all the things I need??
  2. highdelll

    How much to cut spokes?

    Hey guys - new here. So, I got these wheels at a really great price - the problem is that they are too big for my bike. I think that they are 29er wheels I have an 'All-Hillsides' Rock-hopper So, the back wheel rubs a ton, and I can't get the front wheel in my forks I can see now, that the...
  3. max.broman

    Wheels and Tires?

    Alright, what are everybody's favorite wheels. Then need to be something that is good for some downhill riding, but mostly more of an AM/XC kind of riding. Think super D. Trail riding. Oh and i'm up for tire suggestions too.
  4. N

    what wheels?

    lookin at buyin wheels, got 150 to play with ...... halo combat 26" are the first choice. read the reviews but alot of bikes are runnin halos, is there any other brand as good as??, also looked at fire eye, :think:
  5. lovebunny

    spin track wheels

    does anyone know where i can get my hands on the carbon spin 5 spoke front wheel?
  6. livetheride514


    what wheels do you trial guys use that hold up to some crazy looking abuse, but are light enough for your purposes?