whine du jour

  1. TN

    Day2 :No coffee expirament

    Number of people dead=2 (1 being me but I think that is just how I feel) Minutes late to work=5 Number of cups of green tea consumed=2 Number of co-workers bitch-slapped=3 inevitably more to come Rating of headache I am experiencing now= 6.75 & rising. Is it worth it? Ask me at the end...
  2. TN

    Keyboard heys that never get used

    The WINDOWS keys get 86'ed on every PC I have to use for any period of time. And NumLock? Who the hell uses that?! Don't get me started on the pause_break key. :plthumbsdown:
  3. Sandwich

    oh awesome...thanks NYS po-lice

    So yesterday afternoon, while driving home from a weekend at plattekill, I stopped to check out a classic audi I was interested in buying. The car has a performance exhaust that's loud but not obnoxious... I look the car over, and we go for a test ride up the country road about a mile- mile...
  4. TN

    F' This noise.

    I had to turn on my seat heater this morning on the drive to the orifice & I saw people in ear muffs. Summer is frikkin' gone & I just got my tan. :rant:
  5. dexterq20

    Note to self: never loan anything to anyone. Ever.

    A friend came to visit this weekend to do some riding around where I live. We rode on Fri and Sat, but I had to work today, so I sent him off on his own. I loaned him my local trail map and my mini pump and told him to have fun. My friend is a very competent individual. Recently graduated from...
  6. B

    I'm disliking working early weekend mornings

    This is seriously throwing me off. Monday night is now Saturday night. All of my housemates are asleep by 11. Goddamn. At least now that I have a job, my body's clock has me rising before 830 AM if I go to bed by 3. I was growing tired of days that started at 11. For work I get up at 530...
  7. Konabumm

    I wonder

    How many more ads can be crammed into the Ridemonkey website.
  8. stinkyboy

    Hey stevew, How Am I A Douche?

    For posting this: http://www.ridemonkey.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3014390&postcount=10 That's the first thought that came to mind. Is it that implausible for a twentysomething chick to have died in any of those ways, or should I be grieving the death of a distant friend of a stranger on...
  9. antimony

    Damn the Man!

    So, I work at a small pharmaceutical company that's all about the small perks, catering to the employees and their families, if you will. Well, today this was posted on the intranet: 'Employees are asked not to wear “flip-flops” at work. This is an uncomplicated request that does not signal...
  10. TN

    skinny centered layout

  11. Echo

    What a pain in the ass.

    So we have this gig tomorrow night, we got stuck with some opening band from another city who actually planned to just show up and use all our gear. After a bunch of back-and-forth, we decided to share most of the drum kit and maybe the bass rig. I dunno who these guys are but apparently...
  12. MMike

    Where'd my two cents go?

    So I just grabbed a couple of hotdogs and fries from the place down the street. It was $4.48. I give the chick at the cash a $5. She gives me 50 cents change. Hmmm. What do you think that 2 cents will be used for?
  13. Sandwich


    I opened up four bottles of wine last night that I had been "cellaring" for a special occasion. Three 2000 bourdeauxs and one 01 Hartford pinot noir. Each bottle was AT LEAST $20... and each one had spoiled. :dead: Oh well, $80 red wine reduction sauce here I come....
  14. SkaredShtles


    My thermo says 100. And it's cloudy. :dead:
  15. Mr Tiles

    This sucks

    http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/object/article?f=/c/a/2007/11/09/BAD8T8PLU.DTL&o=0 can people not drive???