1. Dirtjumper999

    Riding bikes, and getting old.

    At 23, I am nowhere near what many would classify as "getting old", but today I took a pretty hard crash on something that normally I wouldn't have crashed on. Quick replay, riding towards a flyout quarter, didn't have near enough speed for a full 360, but went for it anyway, clipped my...
  2. douglas

    my ankle

    Tuesday while riding I dislocated & fractured (fracture distal tibia and fibula with slight widening of ankle mortise ). I see the ortho surg. todqay, but according to the hospital my surgery isn't until Aug 12th then 8-12 weeks off the ankle! yes, my foot is dislocated & just flopped to...
  3. DirtMcGirk

    Fvcking mouth breathers...

    Why is it people cannot come to grips with the fact that their case, if its south of $100k, really isn't worth anyone's time to take to court? Goddamn mount breathers just calling me out of the phonebook annoys the hell out of me. No, I don't want to take a small claims case. No, my rates...
  4. Total Heckler

    ****ty co-workers strike again

    This time it is at my fiance's work. One of her coworkers and close friends has been using the vet clinic credit card to buy Starbucks, gas, her prescriptions, groceries, and to top it all off my birthday present she got me in March. Over the last few months she has spent over $250 of the...
  5. manimal

    Obama: Phillies more important than Downed Officer Memorial

    http://blogs.suntimes.com/sweet/2009/05/president_obama_official_sched_58.html blog excerpts bad PR team or intentional or both? i'm sure renegade rick is excited that the prez feels the need to honor the fallen members of the "police state" at a LOCAL ceremony is outweighed by the...
  6. TN

    Pretzels?! really?

    Who puts pretzels out on their desk in a candy dish? C'mon! Where are the tasty salt water taffies or caramels?! No way am I eating anything out of that germ trap of a bowl that isn't individually wrapped (the said "candy bowl" is @ the stop everyone makes after hitting the head too). Our...
  7. Red Rabbit

    Lord Opie

    Is he coming back?
  8. nauc

    boycott KISS, Simmons is a complete d!ck!

  9. stosh


    WTF that bar at the top of the page with all the silly words is almost as useless at RM Credits. It makes me want to quit RM.
  10. Broken_Spoke

    My nose, Oh Lord my nose

    So I made myself a cheese, onion, and jalapeno omelet for lunch. I eat it and it was delicious except for one thing. My nose now feels like it is on fire. How do I get this to stop?
  11. Lucee

    Oh yeah--the reason why I stopped visiting this site

    The South American forum--and thanks guys for reviving the T&A thread!
  12. moff_quigley

    Threads Tagged with whining

    Hide your tags n00bs! dodecahedron? WTH? http://www.ridemonkey.com/forums/tags.php?tag=dodecahedron
  13. P.T.W

    The skinsuit thread

    To stop pointless ranting about skinsuits clogging up other threads.i thought id start this one so people can rant on here. My question is....should skinsuits be banned from worldcups??? and how would you police it?
  14. DirtyDog

    New Style

    The templates and styles have been rebuilt for the new Vbulletin 3.7 software. Please let me know if you see any bugs. Colors are experimental - feedback is welcome.
  15. Ridemonkey

    The South America Forum is getting shut down.

    And we wil be deleting all the threads. Reasons: 1. We have repeatedly warned certain individuals about the kind of photos they have been psoting yet they insist on pushing the limits. 2. Most of the photos you have posted and/or linked to - YOU DON'T OWN THEM! It's illegal to post...