whip it out

  1. Total Heckler

    Todays Friday fun thread - Last day at my job - Suggestions?

    Its my last afternoon at my job. Any suggestions for an exit? Have fun. :cheers:
  2. stinkyboy

    Should I Become :gasp: A Freakin' Roadie?

    This bike with better wheels (I forget which ones) and white carbon everything. Bro deal for $1700.
  3. hooples3

    suggested route

    I`m not sure this is the right place to post this but...I am looking to ride from either the outerbridge or goethal bridge (nj) to Doylestown, PA. does anyone know of a safe/bike friendly route I can take? or a website that will give me a bike specific route to take? Thanks in advance
  4. ultraNoob

    Sad Sad Day....

    After 23 years in this location, the landlord will not renew the lease. We have 45 days to pack up and relocate. Apparently, since the current landlord took over the family finances after his dad died, he's in charge of the property. The current landord is a total douche and has referred to...
  5. laura

    Will the prosecution please take the stand

    Or: Unemployment court isn't as cool as it sounds. I got to testify in unemployment court today. I brought 10 documents hoping to eat up most of my afternoon but no, we were still done in 30 minutes. Who would have guessed that anything govn. run would be that efficient?
  6. stosh

    A warm day in late summer day

    at my first day of class this semester = BOOBS
  7. cannondalejunky

    server's down, so i guess i'll kill some time

    our servers are down here at work...but some how we can use the internet, we just can't do any work. so how's everyone's monday going today. mine isn't too bad, i'm taking a half day today to go to the dentist this after noon...but after that i'm going to the bike shop to finish building my...
  8. ire

    So I went to the grocery store...

    ...and it was damn expensive! I can't get out of there without dropping at least $100 :plthumbsdown: I'm going to go to a diet of dirt and bark.....at least quality dirt is still reasonable in price
  9. MikeD

    I'm out on Saturday

    Leaving on a jet plane and all that. On the road tomorrow afternoon, but will probably be off-line after my morning Internet orgy. Won't have service at home for some time, if at all, and dunno how much of the Monkey I'll get away with at work, so...later! (Since PAWN is the only place I post...
  10. pedalkicker

    Can't Wait For Fall

    The daily commute to work this week has me wishing for October. Last two days here in the desert it has been 105 degrees and humid :dead: Anyone else show up to work soaking wet? I feel like an NBA ballboy's towel after cleaning up Shaq's flop to take a charge in the lane (Yeah, we got the...
  11. cannondalejunky

    i'm cannondalejunky and i suffer from "LAS"

    i'm wondering if anyone else here suffers from what i like to call Lazy Ass Syndrome or LAS for short....ever since i started working full time at my current job, i seem to be getting lazier and lazier when i get home. i spend all day at my office in front of a computer, so you figure when i...
  12. B

    Google Checkout needs to compete with Paypal

    Preferably on a consumer level...I'm currently dealing with a Paypal clusterfvck that has effectively drained my bank account and put my checking account at -$700 until Friday and they are absolutely NO HELP. It doesn't seem to matter that I've given them hundreds of dollars in usage fees over...
  13. JohnE

    Olympics are coming...

    Do you care? If so, what will you watch? Who here is the closet rhythmic gymnastics fan??? I dont care...but I will jump on the new hot female athlete bandwagon, just cuz...
  14. Uncle Jimmi

    Its been a loooong time

    I have not posted here for a long time, but I finely got high speed Internet and can add you monkeys to the other forums I like. I had quite a few friends here, are any of you still around? I moved from Florida to Michigan 1 1/2 years ago and have been building freeride stunts and trails in my...
  15. cannondalejunky

    Subaru R1e

    http://www.subaru.com/sub/misc/2009/nyautoshow/r1/index.html I'd probably sport one
  16. BurlyShirley

    All-Natural Peanut Butter: Pain in the a$$

    **** stirring. Im going back to jif.
  17. vtjim

    All is right with the world

    I skipped work today and went mountain biking. On my way home I picked up beer. That is all.
  18. Red Rabbit

    Leaving for basic in 12 days

    OMGWTF So close I can taste the water of San Antonio.
  19. Da Peach

    I've left my mark

    I've just made the biggest blunder of my life in construction thus far. We just poured a concrete deck last night. The effort that gets put into the surface finish is quite substantial. Anyhoo, after going the long way around the deck to talk to a crew waaaaay over on the other side of...
  20. sanjuro

    Off the phone with a chatty chick

    I thought I was chatty, but she talked my ear off. I actually put on my helmet so I could slip my cell phone underneath the straps to hold to my head.