1. O


    Experience/advice on biking in Whistler?
  2. richgardiner

    Epic Reel Time! 3 years in 6 minutes (Whistler, Europe, UK)

    Just finished up on an edit of some of my favourite clips over the last 3 years. Filmed at Whistler, Morzine, Les Carroz, Les Deux Alpes, Chatel, Les Gets, and the UK. Riding, skiing, partying, international sport.. everything! Let the good times roll! Make sure you watch in HD ;)...
  3. frango

    Crankworx Whistler 2014 (euro monkey trip)

    Guys, does anybody know the date of 2014 Crankworx Whistler festival? I want to start making some preparations for my biggest bike trip, so far :) BTW, there were rumours about 2-3-4 weeks bikes passes for euro bikers... have you heard anything about it? Thx in advance for info.
  4. merrrrjig

    Help! Sanjay/Metal get a bike to Canada!

    Some of you may know Sanjay (Metal here on RideMonkey) He is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada! Those of you who know Sanjay probably know that he takes most things a step further, after he reaches Canada he wants to ride his bike up to Alaska! His touring bike is at home...
  5. guiepinto

    Anyone going from US to Whistler?

    Hey there! Is anyone going from the US to Whistler in the last week of July? I'd like to get in touch with you... Thanks...
  6. A

    Whistler Q&A

    Hey everyone, After returning from Kamloops, Brendan Fairclough and Thomas Vanderham joined us for some late season shooting in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park. Recently, fellow Anthill filmmaker Jonathan Schramm wrote-up a blog on trying to find new ways to shoot one of the most filmed bike...
  7. moondog

    Whistler A-Line Rock Drop Crash Video

    This video is from a few years back, but I finally got around to posting it on YouTube. I had hit that drop (and others) plenty of times that day with no problem, but once the video camera came out I decided to bigger and paid the price. I still remember seeing a rock and a hole where my front...
  8. chance199

    Summer 10

    looks like its going to be amazing, looks like im going to go to Summer Gravity Camp at Whistler! :D and stay for Cranworx too! so ill be up in Whistler and Squamish for about 25 days! :D
  9. sickLIKEasINrad

    Whistler 9-26 thru 9-28 !

    Im going up to whistler on these days for my first time and im super stoked. Some questions: ~Spots to stop and ride along the way? -Camping? any suggestions/reccomendations -Nightlife? good bars? resaraunts? ~also, does anyone know if they did in fact make it a law that Americans must be...
  10. smbisig

    My whistler crankworx photos

    done with photos submission, these are what's left. enjoy! Photos Here steven bisig
  11. Da Peach

    I hope nobody planned on going to Whistler this week...

    http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2008/07/30/bc-highway-rockslide-whistler.html there's no way in hell they're going to get that open before the weekend.