white people problems

  1. Sandwich

    Lemme AXE you a question

    I need a new axe. More specifically, I need a maul for splitting wood, but I'd like to buy a felling axe as well, or a single tool that can do both. I have a chainsaw for cutting up trees that fell on my property, but I need to split the cut logs now. I also need a smaller axe that can finish...
  2. loco-gringo

    I can figure the brake out...

    So...a customer just called about a bmx bike in for repair. We put tires on it, but it is still lacking the brake repair. I told her we hadn't gotten to the brake. She told me she can figure the brake out. I'm thinking..."let me get this straight...you don't know how to change tires, but the...
  3. S

    the random thought thread

    we need a thread for random thoughts instead of a new thread from mmike every time he has a bowel movement. i just attempted to put my shorts on with my right leg first for some unknown reason(generally go with left leg first). i damn near fell over.