white people

  1. Colonel Angus

    Sriracha vs Cholula vs Tabasco vs Toms Red Hot

    I’m sure this has been done before but I’m bored. If you could only have one for the rest of your life, which would it be?
  2. Sandwich

    Hey you, wanna buy a smart watch?

    Anybody have one of these things? How do you feel about it? I am a semi-avid watch collector (I have like 9, they are all under $200), but have been intrigued by wearables because they are pretty cool. I think I'm committed to Android at this point and will be for the future. Do you have...
  3. stoney

    Math Monkeys - I need geometry help

    Wifey's clothing content has overloaded our closet capacity so I'm Ikea-ing the closet to make better usage of space. I think I have it laid out, but I need help with a measurement that I can't calculate. See the image below: The top is the floor plan, the wall is the bottom, both in inches...
  4. N8 v2.0

    Iowa floods and no one cares

    is it cuz it's too white bread there?