1. $tinkle

    real estate & banking monkeys: can't recast a VA/FHA loan; next?

    with hookers *and* blow being out of the question, what's the best way to distribute proceeds from sale of home? a refi @ > 1 pt over what we got our new loan for ~4mos ago (http://www.bankrate.com/va-loans/) seems like throwing away good money (estimated closing costs around $3k). and paying...
  2. DirtMcGirk

    Fvck it, going to become a hermit!

    [rant] Most people in Phoenix have the common sense and respect for their neighbors to have their yard help come during the week. Nothing wakes people up better then the high pitched whine of a leaf blower or chain saw. Yet my next door neighbors have their guy here at 0800 on Saturday...
  3. insanitylevel9

    hey remember the car i was using

    well particularly the 1999 red benz sl 500 that my dad was letting me use for some reason...... (i know i sound like a arrogant ass hole) but any way some one tried to steel it when my dad went down the cape to see a very sick family friend. well any way the couldn't take it so they decided to...
  4. Damo

    Steve Jobs steps down

    Will this mean more flexibility from Apple? Link
  5. Pesqueeb

    Another potential neighbor confrontation in the works!

    Some of you will remember my "issue" with the neighbor over the daughters parked wreck sometime back. While Mr. FBI has pretty much left me alone since the "exchange of opinion", other neighbors have not been so lucky with him but thats a story(ies) for another time. I bring this back up to...