1. DirtMcGirk

    Fridge monkeys?

    Anyone know anything about refrigerators? Mine keeps freezing everything in the fridge side, and it isn't really keeping things froze on the freezer side. I have the fridge side set to as warm as it will go, still freezes everything. The freezer side is set to about 1/2 power, and its...
  2. mandown

    Who is leaving BoA?

    Now that they are messing with the debit card fees, any customers plan to move banks?
  3. loco-gringo

    Let's get your input abou this lawsuit.

    Here's a link to the news about Bell Sports suing Specialized for trade restraint. (or is it?) Chime in. I'll give my two cents, which is really about $6000 worth later. I've kept my mouth shut, but really want both industry and consumer input...
  4. stosh

    Monte Carlo

    Has anybody ever been there? I'm heading there in a little over a month. This might be an oxymoron but I would like to find some non-ritzy stuff to do. Are there any less mainstream things to do? Sorry, I'm but all the info I find on the net is centered around the ULTRA RICH activities.
  5. mandown

    French Bulldogs

    My neighbor has one named Lucy that likes to wander in my kitchen door via our common yard area. The first time I met Lucy was in my hallway on an unannounced visit. Today, I got to formally meet her and her, and chat with my neighbor about the merits of the frenchie. I must admit, there is a...
  6. dante

    NBC's "All Access" Tour de France coverage SUCKS!

    Ugh. So put this in the "why media companies are going to go out of business soon" column. Background: We got rid of cable a year and a half ago, and about the only thing that we really missed watching was the Tour each year. So last year (and the start of this year) we've poached each stage...
  7. drkenan

    Sucks for Y'all

    Those 3 hikers that accidentally wandered into Iran are now being charged with espionage which is punishable by death. Sounds like we need Slick Willy to make a clandestine trip to the Middle East. http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5iUarMRGfLCax53RhHap9iLIi11hAD9BS5KQ00...