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    which junior will win the African WC?

    I run a fantasy dh league with my friends each year, and the person that picks the highest ranking junior gets a bonus in points. Last year it was pretty much all Troy Brosnan, but Buchanan did edge him out in the last race, and this year it looks to be a much more competitive field. So my...
  2. MMike

    me = genius

    No really. as some of you may recall, my wife has fibromyalgia. Not a lot of fun for anyone. As such, by the end of the day, she's sore and tired. We has meant for many years now, cooking dinner has been my job. And I'm not much of a cooker, so none of us have eaten too well. So this...
  3. MMike

    Omigosh! omigosh! Omigosh!!

    http://communities.canada.com/montrealgazette/blogs/showbiz/archive/2010/10/24/julie-snyder-promises-quot-astonishing-quot-revelation-from-celine.aspx Celine Dion has a astonishing revelation for the world on Thurs!!!!! Oh boy! Oh boy!!!

    I got a new Avatar. Hope everyone likes it.

    Hope all will like my new avatar! I like it! Decided to take down the Steelers jab and wait till next year. Sorry if someone has it already.

    MD Jockey Club puts screws to Preakness Infield Party

    The Maryland Jockey Club reporting on the local news the other night, report the Preakness Infield Party is no longer going to allow patrons to walk in with their own beer. Alcohol will be no longer allowed in! Local news WBAL TV poll has Marylanders up in arms about it. The spokesman for...
  6. sanjuro

    Not getting it

    I read the NY Times daily, and I think it is the finest newspaper in the land. However, when it comes to video games, they don't know jack. I saw this piece, about how immersed kids get when they are playing video games...
  7. MMike

    ARH-70 es muerte!!

    I gotta say I'm pretty surprised! I know it was a fuster cluck, but I never thought they would have pulled the plug on it! http://www.shephard.co.uk/rotorhub/Default.aspx?Action=745115149&ID=fce11b07-34b0-4845-b1bb-e461c9134877