why america is failing


    Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me!

    Well, I'm sitting here enjoying a pilsner. Okay, I can not lie. I'm sitting here enjoying a pilsner or two, and .. okay, or three and I'm getting ready to head out and do a little celebrating tonight. :cheers: 12 midnight starts my birthday. And although I wanted to spend "my day" riding in the...

    Goddbye train wreck charlie!! Sheen fired!

    SAY GOOD BYE LOSER!!! :butcher: Today Charlie Sheen got FIRED! :clapping::weee: What a tool! YAAAAAY! Good bye for good and good riddance! Today, Warner Bros., announced they have fired Charlie Sheen from CBS's #1 comedy show, Two and a half men! Thank god! What a troll loser! He's just as...
  3. demo 9

    Premium or Regular?

    What gas do you guys use for the non diesel drivers on here? I try to use premium since the original tundras were premium only, and it has to be better for the truck, which i drive moderately hard, and want to last till 200k i assume regular oil changes and premium will help this. I was hoping...