1. W

    Windrock Weekend January 5th and 6th

    Hey guys, it's Wendell. I'm trying to get plans put together for a weekend ride on January 5th and 6th staying the night at Windrock Lodge on the 5th. I just called Windrock Lodge and they still have units 1 (1-8 people $165 a night) and units 2 (8-13 people $300 a night) available. It...
  2. Zilla da killa

    Windrock April 15 & 16

    New Orleans guys heading up to ride windrock Friday April 15 & Saturday 16. Anybody want to meetup and share shuttle. We will be there Friday morning.
  3. TryFour

    Windrock on Sun. May 31?

    Two of us are coming up from Nashville on this coming Sunday, the 31st. Only problem with that is, unless we find a third, we won't be able to shuttle. Anybody else going to be at Windrock who wouldn't mind letting us shuttle with you? We're trying to get some real race training in before the...
  4. TryFour

    Windrock Memorial Day?

    We are getting together a group of guys from Nashville to head that direction on Monday, (Memorial Day). Anybody else going to be riding up there? The weather looks reasonable at this point.
  5. tbird0216

    Windrock trip 8/12

    Some of the etsu crowd is coming up for a day of windrock action on tuesday. we were just gonna see if anybody else wanted to ride with us too. we should roll in a little before noon.

    WindRock Information?

    Hey Everyone, After hearing a lot about Windrock, I want to know a little more about the place. A guy on the lift at Snowshoe told me they had a 14 or so minute downhill run. Of-course, I though no way ( Maybe his pace :thumb:). But he also told me that the trails are SICK!!, and that they...