1. BadDNA

    The last person to post a picture from their last bike ride wins access to the white courtesy phone.

    This shit again? Yes. That is all.

    What would you pay for Titanium Derailer Pulleys?

    How many people would buy Titanium derailer pulleys and what would you pay for a set of titanium derailer pulleys?

    I need a Shimano XT crank arm drive side

    Anyone have a left over drive side Shimano XT crank arm 175mm used that would want to part with it cheaply? I have a buddy, just fixed his bike up. He's a nube. Didn't know the pedals went on with specific left and right thread clock and counter clock. And I forgot to tell him. So when he went...
  4. moff_quigley

    Which seat can I take?

    It's Fry-hy-day! Yes, this does deserve its own thread. Reps if you can make it to the end.