1. S

    Work in a bike park in the US?

    Okay, so I'm thinking about going to the US during summer 2018 through CCUSA, a program that helps you get a job in the tourist sector for about 3 months. There is an option to find an employer by yourself and I decided to try finding work in a bike park (maintenance, bike service,...). Of...
  2. yesimaddicted

    Working on a Cruise ship?

    Anyone have experience doing this/knows someone that does? ya it could be ****y but its also a way to make money and have very low overhead(plus see some new places). but being a college kid it could also work out well
  3. A

    Bike guide wanted - Southern - spain

    Sierra Cycling - Southern Spanish Coast. We are looking for a qualified guide/mechanic for a September start. Great opportunity if you, or know anyone, who would like a job in the sun showing our clients some great trails. E-mail: alan@sierracycling.com http://www.sierracycling.com.
  4. r464

    How far would you commute?

    I am looking at a job that potentially pay double what I am currently making. Of course, there is a commute involved. So, how far would you go, or how much annoying travel would you endure, for a job that would pay twice what you are currently making?