world championships

  1. H

    Moutain Bike & Trial World Champs Broadcast

    You can watch a delayed broadcast of the UCI Mountain Bike & Trial World Championships from Canberra, Australia on Universal Sports. The broadcast starts this Friday and goes through the weekend on-line for both the men’s and women’s races. See the schedule below: Sept. 4 (Friday)...
  2. Threepointtwo

    Masters Worlds Pra Loup

    Is anybody going this year? I went last year and had some people to travel with but this year they are staying home. It is way too expensive to foot the entire lodging and travel bill alone.
  3. Transcend

    World Championships - Val di Sole

    Sunday night and its cool and cloudy with some on and off showers. Big week in Val di Sole. Stay tuned for photos, videos and more as we finally have a hotel with good internet. Thanks Holiday Inn.