worst thread evar

  1. pnj

    Suggest me some lunch

    I have to go to the store to pick up water so I can brew beer later today. Was thinking about a sandwich but.....?
  2. CrabJoe StretchPants

    Why I hate people.

    Rant: A few days ago I noticed what I thought was a hairline crack going down 3/4 of my windshield, right in front of the steering wheel. The windshield is only 6 months old, so that got me angry. No big deal, I'll wait til it gets really bad and get it replaced. Fast forward to today...
  3. BurlyShirley

    GIS... I hate it.

    I've had a few software classes over years, but... this is a real pain in the ass. I thought I would be super-student this go-around, taking this class at night beyond my normal load, and really try to juice up my resume by claiming to be competent with this stuff... what a mistake. The LAST...
  4. D

    I finally got it!

    I got my brand new bike, a Scott reflex 20. it is beautiful and amazing. I am going to be doing some local rides in the Shenandoah valley with my LBS. I am very excited and I am celebrating!