worst thread ever


    New emotions for RM users...

    Cool emotions for Admins that don't deserve the niceness... I pass them on for the good of all the thousands of RM fans that stay quiet in the back ground and do not attack posts daily. The "Angry Metalsmith" The "Oh yes! Das right!" The "Cheerleader" The "Nancy Pelosi"...
  2. NorseManiac

    ESPN Top 10

    Zinks 360 @ RBR was #7. Pretty cool.
  3. Bushwhacker

    Why I'm Not Riding Today...

    Hooooly hot today. Looking forward to a good 8 hours in this stuff tomorrow..only supposed to be 96 though and we might get a cloud. "Hydrating" via some Terrapin Brewery Hopsecutioner and SunRay Wheat in the A/C today.
  4. HardtailHack

    This is Threadworthy.

    Sorry it is old but it is just ohhh so good- Or with the proper footage-
  5. B

    Manthongs. Assfloss. Banana hammocks.

    I bought my first pair yesterday, wearing for first time tonight. Oh. My. God. I feel bad for women. This is awful. And I have to DANCE in it. Ugh.
  6. MMike

    Should I leave early?

    It's friday before a long weekend. It's nice out and my boss has left already. Hmmmmmmm...... (I'll "no-brainers" for $400 Alex)
  7. loco-gringo

    What's up with all the ass kissing???

    Why do people constantly confirm that Westy and JeremyR are funny??? It's like calling "car back" on a road ride along the frontage road in rush hour. We get it. We have gotten it for like 5 years. They are both comic geniuses with stupid fast wit. I don't mind props, but for cryin' out loud...
  8. MMike

    In case there was any question that I was awesome....

    ....this should eliminate all doubt. That's me.....a great mind....