1. BikerBoy28

    RC4 wont hold air...

    So after a great weekend of riding/racing at the PRGT, I find that my RC4 air chamber is empty (yesterday). Ok weird, fill it up to 175psi and pedal it around and it feels normal. Just headed out to the garage to find it empty again. Pumped it to about 175 and it feels normal. I dont see any...
  2. B

    Before, after and future: A timeline.

    I would like to thank this thread and pigboy for inspiration. before: after: All accomplished last night in a drunken stupor. Not done yet, carbon is still showing through and the yellow Easton stickers need to come off. I'm thinking brown packing tape and more glitter paint is going to...
  3. Rip

    Whose Balls would you want to smack the most?

    Well, discuss.
  4. N8 v2.0

    Yo... N8 sez...

    Drink up BITCHES!!!!
  5. manhattanprjkt83

    holy fuc%

    holy fuc$ my girlfriend is coming over:monkeydance:
  6. stosh

    Anybody know where to buy trees online?

    I'm looking to purchase a few Dawn Redwoods online but I can't find any that are really affordable. Just wondering if anybody has done this before and if so who have they used?
  7. MtnBikerChk

    smuttynose jack daniels porter

    why is it so good and WHY can't I get it at home?! :banghead: (see Max's in Baltimore)
  8. Lucee

    Oh yeah--the reason why I stopped visiting this site

    The South American forum--and thanks guys for reviving the T&A thread!