yankees suck

  1. dhmike

    happy birthdaY HAB !

    :cheers: homes .
  2. MtnBikerChk

    Make Boston Bicycle Free?

    http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/articles/2011/07/15/make_boston_bicycle_free/ Make Boston bicycle-free By Brian McGrory Globe Columnist / July 15, 2011 As Mayor Tom Menino prepares to roll out an ambitious bicycle-sharing program on the streets of our great city this...
  3. splat

    So I went to a party with about a million people !

    And I got to see the CUP !!! Chara and Thomas ! closer view of Lord Stanley's Cup! the Prince of Whales Trophy with Claude They were handing out some Pucks, my daughter got one ! on Top of the old Hancock Building and finally even momma duck shows spirit to her ducklings...
  4. scottishmark

    so i've got a week in Boston....

    well Cambridge actually, so good as. Any RM must do's? Currently thinking: Sox game Cheese cake Duck tour Shoot some guns Hit the batting cages Drink Cape Cod/Marthas Sea Kayaking Anything else? Not planning on taking any riding gear but could be tempted into some East Coast ROX...
  5. loco-gringo

    Happy birthday, HAB!!!

    It's my friend Bonnie's birthday too.
  6. Rip

    And the team that landed Cliff Lee is....

    The Phillies. Not the Rangers or Yankees. http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20101213&content_id=16311236&vkey=news_mlb&c_id=mlb That is going to be one hell of a rotation.
  7. HAB

    Damn it

    Broken collarbones suck. Avoid.
  8. MMcG

    The Happy Early Birthday IAB Thread!!!!

    Happy Early Birthday Sir Baboon!!!!!!!!! Seeing as you'll be away and all I figured I'd get the party started a couple of days early! Have a great birthday Babs!!!!
  9. daisycutter

    Phil fan getting tasered

  10. sanjuro

    How Splat, Narlus, and HAB celebrated their Easter together

    6 injured when ATV crashes over cliff By Hannah McBride, Globe Correspondent | April 5, 2010 Six people were injured after the all-terrain vehicle they were riding in tumbled over a 700-foot cliff in South Hadley early yesterday morning, a fire official said. The riders, five men and...
  11. splat

    Happy Birthday (Dave) Riding

    Way to go DR
  12. Damo

    Happy Birthday HAB!

    Four days before Christmas. Good fun ain't it! Happy Birthday! :thumb:
  13. jonKranked

    Dear Yankees

    Congrats on the win. I'm glad you won. Now, could you please tell all your mouth brea... I mean fans, to kindly stop their blathering? I'd like a few months of quiet until you "highly talented athletes" start again next spring.
  14. sanjuro

    Satan's Series

    While no one wants to hear from whiny Mets fans, I particularly like the idea of a match-up made in Hell. In one corner, you have the Evil Empire, and other side, the worst fans in sports. It should be very interesting....
  15. johnbryanpeters

    Summer 2010 northeast Monkeyfest 7/15-7/18

    Thursday July 16 to Sunday July 18. Kingdom Trails, East Burke, VT Thursday BadDNA Greggah TreeSaw & Earl IAB & MBC irishblue76 & Mark johnbryanpeters Zombie & Cromby1 (?) D.2 and Matt Friday Mr.Bishop maddog17 (maybe Thu.) Pesqueeb (?) Heidi (?) douglas mudgirl (?) Yelo & Melou (?) binary...
  16. Sandwich

    EZ Fail pass

    So I don't have an EZ pass in my car, but on a recent road trip I had my buddy bring his along so we didn't have to sit in traffic. EZ ass didn't like that and sent me a bunch of fines for the tolls we went through. Is there any way to beat these things? I don't mind paying one, but ****ty MA...
  17. stevew

    sanjuro will be happy

    the yankees open and close next season at boston.
  18. Yeti

    bostonians suck at

    driving. besides that I'm loving this city. But seriously why do people drive so bad here? People never cross the streets when they should and when cars are coming they jump. When cars have green light they can't decide between driving or stopping, and when they have a red light it's the same...
  19. TreeSaw

    Happy Birthday Baboon!!!

    Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday you Baboon... Happy Birthday to you!!! :cheers: Splat -- post up some pics for the man will you?!:weee:
  20. RUFUS

    US Soccer with an amazing upset

    I know that there are only about 7 people in the US that follows international soccer but the US just upset Spain in the Confederations Cup and is moving on to the finals against Brazil(probably). Sunday at 2:25pm on ESPN. Amazing game and well deserved by the US team. Snapping Spain's 35...