yankees suck

  1. I Are Baboon

    American Craft Beer Fest (Boston)

    June 19-20. Approx 75 breweries pouring 300+ beers. :monkeydance: http://beeradvocate.com/acbf/beer Me and MtnBikerChk are going to the Saturday early session. Mr and Mrs BadDNA are volunteering. I can't wait! Mmmmm....brewery t-shirts...... So I figure the 2oz pours and 300...
  2. X3pilot

    ###Monday GMT###

    Morning all! Hope everyone's weekend was good. Warm here in the NE. Saturday was White Clay DE ride and a stop at Victory Brewing. Mmmmmm, good stuff, growler in the fridge. Wife went to VT for Maple Fest, brought me back a Long Trail sampler pack AND an Otter Creek sampler. God, I love that...
  3. maddog17

    Let's drop the gloves, it's time for a fight!!

    a buddy sent me this link for this NHL ad. gotta say it captures what it means to be a Bruins fan when Montreal is the foe http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/blog/puck_daddy/post/Video-If-they-awarded-the-Stanley-Cup-for-comme;_ylt=AkuyPGl_cz_Tejg_e83zPeV7vLYF?urn=nhl,155269
  4. eric strt6

    How much did the NY Spankees pay for that Pitcher?

    Baltomore 10 Spankees 5:clapping: Yup day one of buying the next Championship in NY ROTFLMAO
  5. stevew

    curt schilling retires

    fvck off and die you gaping cvnt.
  6. sanjuro

    Another way how the Yankees are better than the Red Sox

    We have the highest priced ticket...
  7. hooples3

    Whats everybody doing on June 20th, 2009???

    Why not head to central park in New York City??? Fun! Fun! Fun! nsfw :clapping::clapping::clapping:
  8. I Are Baboon

    Pop goes my knee

    I injured my knee last night in my deck hockey game. I was running behind the net and I felt a pop. I collapsed immediately in pain. Damn did that hurt. I can not put any weight on that leg. It hurts like hell this morning. A quick trip the ER last night (in and out in an hour!) gave...
  9. splat

    Otis on the Last day of february

    Well riding isn't thast great around her , so that means road trip-- otis !!!! we had a small group of 21 people The bratty Bo the Silver turtle over teh rick donny Crashing Normally we got down this rock, so lets try and go up it vos goes through a...
  10. I Are Baboon

    my car = pwnt

    From about 30 yards away I knew my car had been busted into. (pardon the phone pics) A mess on the ground. Nothing a little duct tape can't fix? Glass everywhere. All they got was my Sirius Sportster, which they can't use. They were nice enough to leave my $160 Rudy...
  11. sanjuro

    Bad Sportsmanship?

  12. Rip

    So was Wade Phillips a good choice for coach?

    Chokes in the playoffs last year. Fails to make playoffs this year.
  13. splat

    Happy Birthday (Dave) Riding

    DR have a Great one!!! and of course Dave sporting some Wood !
  14. J

    My first deer!

    and he sure is a bruiser!
  15. stosh

    Wahooooo PHILLIES made it!!!!

    I can't believe it they're in the world series again!!!
  16. antimony

    Let's Go Red Sox!

    :clapping: :clapping: , :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: That's all! Let's do it, Boston! :weee:
  17. mattmatt86

    Fringe...Anyone watching it?

    I know there's only been two episodes, but so far I've been entertained. It's reminding me a lot of X-files, which was my favorite show as a kid. Just curious if anyone else is watching it?
  18. sanjuro

    Discussing your team outside the playoffs is stupid

    I noticed a bunch of preseason football threads. This is freaking ridiculous. This isn't the football forum and no one cares about your team, especially with meaningless games the NFL puts on to pad their coffers. I don't mention the teams that I like until it is relevant, i.e. the...
  19. sanjuro

    Fall Out Boy is ghey!!!!

    What a surprise!
  20. I Are Baboon

    Baseball and beer trip to Baltimore

    Since going to Boston for a Red Sox game has become impossible and expensive, MBC and I took to the road to see a couple of Orioles games in Baltimore. The entire cost of the trip is cheaper than buying tickets for the Red Sox from Stubhub.com...even more so when we split the gas expenses with...