1. Gary

    FOOTBALL WORLD CUP 2022... Any of you guys watching?

    Y'know... That other little known game where the ball is ball shaped and the majority of the players actually have to use their feet to control it.
  2. MMike


    http://www.cnn.com/2011/TECH/gaming.gadgets/05/19/apple.religion/index.html?hpt=C2 aaaaaaand....GO!
  3. 1000-Oaks

    Meg Whitman smear job

    Yeah, doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that these allegations are pure BS. Wonder how much Jerry Brown paid for this professional smear job? Meg paid the housekeeper $23 an hour, and paid her taxes. What kind of idiot would hire an illegal alien to pay them $23 an hour, and pay...
  4. MMike

    Gracie just cut her own hair

    Sigh. Wife just called. So….Brenda is doing something in the TV room, girls are in another room. She hears Emily saying “Noooo! Stop it Gracie! Don’t do that!” Not an uncommon sound in our house. So Brenda doesn’t pay much attention. Then Emily says, “No Gracie! Don’t cut your hair!!”...
  5. sanjuro

    The Helmet Nazis Win!

    http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/n/a/2009/10/01/international/i092324D57.DTL&tsp=1 Six months after actress Natasha Richardson died following a fall at the Mount Tremblant ski resort in Quebec, the company that operates the facility has announced helmet requirements at its North...

    I got a new Avatar. Hope everyone likes it.

    Hope all will like my new avatar! I like it! Decided to take down the Steelers jab and wait till next year. Sorry if someone has it already.
  7. jonKranked

    It's that time of year again!

    WORLD BEARD AND MOUSTACHE CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!! Tomorrow in Alaska. What kind of ridiculousness will win this year!?!? http://www.worldbeardchampionships.com/
  8. Potroast88

    Ebay o' the day

  9. gonefirefightin

    Update and Pics from my playboy mansion raockstar weekend.....(NSFW)

    The weekend is in the bag, my head is pounding and I am still a bit in shock as to what I have experienced and been a part of this weekend. Things started off pretty awesome before I even left the airport. The airline upgraded me to first class for free as a birthday gift and drank enough...
  10. MMike

    Should I leave early?

    It's friday before a long weekend. It's nice out and my boss has left already. Hmmmmmmm...... (I'll "no-brainers" for $400 Alex)
  11. stinkyboy

    Dead Monitor Again!

    Second ViewSonic died in the past two years. No more from them... Rolled into Best Buy and rolled out with a Hannspree HF237 23" widescreen monitor for $200 out the door. Looks nice and smells good. We'll see how long it lasts. Http://www.hannspree.com/US/product_detail.aspx?id=25977&c=25963
  12. jimmydean

    CraigsList sad note of the day.

    Craigslist to drop "erotic services" ads There goes my post count :(
  13. T

    I punched a scene kid in the face

    twice. First time was 2 Saturdays ago now. me and my buddy were ridding over to the burrito place to get food. We saw some scene kids in front of toys-r-us, and per my usual response to those goofy looking ****s I busted up laughing. one of them was all "come say that to my face" so I did and...
  14. $tinkle

    so transparent, you can see right through him

    from just before the election from just today: Obama White House bars press from press award ceremony but why should he care about something as innocent as an award ceremony presented from the NNPA? here's a couple of their member's publications which his foes will have a field day...
  15. antimony

    Free Agency = Major Suckage

    Okay, Cassel and Vrabel to the Chiefs??!! :( :banghead: :huh: :disgust: :disgust1: :plthumbsdown: :rant:
  16. Knuckleslammer

    Office Antics / Revenge

    Here's what I was thinking. Couple cans of tuna fish (opened) under his bottom drawer. He's not in my area, so that's a good thing. The smell after several day should be nice. Whadaya think? I live for this type of ****. Last job I put the turkey the president gave everyone in the ceiling...
  17. Knuckleslammer

    Today I'm doing nothing!!

    Today I'm being more than a selfish prick. ME ME ME FTW!!!!
  18. shocktower

    My First Pronghorn

    I harvested this last year and since we saw a Deer why not my antelope ,I took it in Montana a 40 yard shot with my Bow
  19. Hunter

    Beavers Ride Rodgers, Blow Out Trojans

    I just wanted to post this thread title :biggrin: Oregon St defeats #1 USC. Good game. I stayed up too late watching it, but it was tough to turn off after halftime. This should open it up for Syracuse to make a run at the title. :disgust1:
  20. sanjuro

    Matt Millen Fired

    Matt Millen was finally fired today. I leave discussions of his incompetence to others, but he got on my radar from his arrogance from day one. I remember hearing him snarl at questions about his team, like someone slapped his mother. He kept it up all through out the bad times until...