1. MMike

    In case there was any question that I was awesome....

    ....this should eliminate all doubt. That's me.....a great mind....
  2. stinkyboy

    Party Poll

    About 25 loud people in the pool at my otherwise super silent courtyard. What to do?
  3. CrabJoe StretchPants

    Dre's son dead

    Heard this on the radio this morning on my way to work. Sucky news. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7583829.stm
  4. Potroast88

    Olympic closing ceremony

    I have to admit, I'm pretty excited to see it. If it is anything like the opening, it will be awesome.
  5. BigMike

    Wow, how creepy is this?

    Check out this computer animation of a person. http://technology.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/tech_and_web/article4557935.ece
  6. cliffster5

    Anyone else not sure Phelps won the 7th gold?

    Boy it sure looked like the serbian guy beat him to the wall on my TV. Got me wondering if Diebold (sp?) had a subcontract w/Omega to make the touch plates for the pool.
  7. sanjuro

    Chinese Doping Scandals

    Well, I watch China dominate certain strength and endurance sports, I think to myself about the resources of a super power dedicated to beating doping controls. I found these two articles about Chinese Doping: http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,24062393-2722,00.html...
  8. Potroast88

    Mark your calendars!

    Dallas Cowboys 2008 Schedule
  9. jimmydean

    Affliction Banned MMA

    Wow, what a steaming pile of suck that was. I liked seeing Arlovski beat the piss out of that dude from IFL, and I don't mind paying to see Tim Silvia get his ass handed to him. But overall that was a lot of suck. Hell, even Dave Mustaine sounded like ass. He still has licks, but his voice...
  10. ire

    TdF, lets talk about what happened

    It was a good stage, I was bummed Danny Pate didn't have enough to pull the win. CSC is the team to beat and Andy did an amazing ride to help his brother gain yellow. Is Frank good enough in the TT to hold off Cadel? Isn't there only one more TT? Kohl had an impressive ride as well......CSC is...
  11. jimmydean

    Silva knocked the boy out!

    Wow, what a solid right hand (from a south paw no less). Says he will stick with 185, but is open o fights in 205. A great knockout, but sort of disappointing.
  12. N8 v2.0

    Yet another TdF doping scandal...

    it seems to me that the simplest solution would be a lifetime ban from cycling if caught. One to two years in not enough of a threat while a lifetime ban would be. http://sg.news.yahoo.com/ap/20080718/tsp-cyc-tour-de-france-6e81073.html
  13. drkenan

    New iPhone T minus 8 hours 19 minutes

    I called Sprint tonight, found out a I still had a year left on my contract and then somehow proceded to talk the [extremely cool and probably very hot] girl into removing the contract. :banana: :clapping: If only I were that smooth in real life. So I'm meeting a friend at 6am to be...
  14. Red Rabbit

    ****ing bike theives

    Tonight I was enjoying myself at a party. Jack and coke was the drink of choice, and I had finished about a fifth of a fifth. Just after 12 a friend of mine and i decided to go for a brief ride to a local elementary school. We parked the bikes near a nature trail and went for a short walk...
  15. Konabumm


    Anyone know if they are streaming the tour this year? I'm not getting anything from eurosport?
  16. loco-gringo

    Roger Federer is teh awesome!!!!

    Wow. If you are a tennis fan, you won't find a more riveting final. Ever.
  17. ire

    TdF Stage 1 - spoiler

    That was a good stage, I couldn't believe how bad the wind was. I thought Kirchen had it, especially since he has won on similar moves. The move by Valverde was phenomenal, definitely a show of power...we'll see if he can keep it up for three weeks :)
  18. splat

    Who isthe Best Batman !

    lets be real Val Kilmer and George Clooney really sucked as Bat man , who was the best ?
  19. mattmatt86

    Anyone else Psyched for Dark Knight?

    I loved Batman Begins and when I started seeing previews a while back for Dark Knight I couldn't wait. I've now reached the climax (hehe) of my excitement after watching/readying the following review of the movie. Disclamer: The video is kinda long winded but it definitely got me pumped for...
  20. Wingnut

    Speeders to pay for cops' gas, too....

    Hmmm... http://www.usatoday.com/printedition/news/20080618/1a_bottomstrip18_dom.art.htm